Saturday, February 23, 2008


ROFL! I just got this (below in bold) comment/e-mail from my friend (Pamela James) who I met years ago on Steeple Hill's Message Boards (called forums now).

For this to make sense, you have to know that when I first stumbled onto those eHarlequin boards I was on bedrest with a pregnancy.

Long ago, when I first met you on the Steeple Hill message boards, I remember this one post where you talked about the baby stepping all over your lover.

I could NOT figure that one out, ROFLOL. Kept me up part of the night too. The next day you came back and lamented the type-o. You'd meant liver.

So now we come full circle! LOL.
Love ya, girl.

If you all haven't visited the Steeple Hill community...what are ya waiting for? You'll laugh and learn and grow to love the people you'll meet over there. Some of them have become some of my best friends...lifetime friends. Readers, writers, pubbed, not pubbed, not looking to be pubbed...doesn't matter. Everyone's welcome.

I'm known as "Squirl" or "Scrollsquirrel" over there. Thank goodness I finally learned how to edit my posts. LOL! Drop by and say hey!

Cheryl Wyatt

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