Tuesday, February 12, 2008


One of my Seeker Sistas Seekerville was trying to visit my blog....which she knows is named "Squirrel's Treehouse." She didn't know my exact blog address...which is



Problem was...she couldn't remember my URL...so she just typed in "Squirrels Treehouse" which took her (WHOOPSIE!) here.....

MOST DEFINITELY NOT MY BLOG which is called squirrelstreehouse.blogspot.com

For those of you who've made this mistake before.....I ASSURE you.....I am NOT moonlighting as a phone pimp. Furthermore, I wouldn't know how to be a bad a** DJ if my life depended on it. I'd get so nervous in front of the mic all you'd hear would be giggling...which is what I do when nervous which just so happens to happen at times you're NOT supposed to be laughing.

Oh man....I'm rolling over here...what a shock to those of you who thought you were going to an Inspirational author's blog. TOO FUNNY!

The other reason I'm laughing is because I'm trying to imagine who would be more shocked...the people trying to get to the OTHER Squirrel's Treehouse....and stumbled onto my nicey-nicey Christian one...or those trying to get to mine who stumbled onto the DJ pimp one. I'm wondering...what IS a phone pimp? Meaning what do phone pimps pimp? Phones? I probaby don't want to know do I?

Okay, lastly the totally weird thing is I sort of got immersed into reading the other treehouse blog....and figured out that, sadly, the other Squirrel has the same deviant sense of humor that I do. Must run in the rodent family. Anyway, I decided the blog would be a great character study in modern guy dialogue. And lady authors, if you want to learn how to better write from a guy's Point of View...this other Treehouse would be a good study.

Cheryl Wyatt...the other Squirrel who promises she is not moonlighting as a DJ/phone pimp.



Hope Chastain said...

Too funny! Bless your heart! I've had that happen when I've gone to look for sites where I knew the name, and either it did or didn't have a "www" in front of it, etc. My parental restrictions on the Internet safety software protected me from seeing some of it, PTL! (And, no, not a parent, but hey! I don't want to fill my mind with that stuff, either!) I hope there's nothing like that with Hope Chest on it, but I wouldn't be surprised... (and I can just imagine! Talk about a blush & cringe!)

Missy Tippens said...

I have to admit I'm the one who was too lazy to go through my favorites to find the link to Cheryl's blog. I THOUGHT I knew the address!

I about fell out when I got there. No cute little woodchips. So I looked at the profile. Oh my gosh!! I hooted out loud! My hubby had to ask what was wrong. :)

Cheryl, I'll have to take you advice about going to read and study the guy talk. I just hope he doesn't try to sell me phones!



Shauna said...

HA! I admit that as soon as I read that - and before I finished the post - I clicked on the link. TOO FUNNY!!

Ausjenny said...

Oh thats funny and yes i did click the link too. thanks for the laugh.