Thursday, February 21, 2008


You know that problem I have with not being able to see typos until after they're sent?
Wellll...seems I pulled another embarrassing stunt.
Was trying to help promote this cool new site guessed it...Edgy Christian Fiction LOVERS....
Only it came out Edgy Christian Fiction LIVERS
Scheesh....maybe I need to look into one of those voice-activated typing gizmos.
By the way...if you wanna check out that's the linkage:
Cheryl-who hates chicken livers....


Ausjenny said...

Oh Cheryl thats so funny!
thats what i would do. (thats why i copy and past)

Pammer said...

Long ago, when I first met you on the Steeple Hill message boards, I remember this one post where you talked about the baby stepping all over your lover.

I could NOT figure that one out, ROFLOL. Kept me up part of the night too. The next day you came back and lamented the type-o. You'd meant liver.

So now we come full circle! LOL.
Love ya, girl.