Friday, June 23, 2006


Hey guys,

I wanted to make you aware of a TOTALLY awesome faith-based military website that I feel honored to be involved in. I love Sara to pieces, and I love the vision God's given her for A Greater Freedom.

Please pass this on to all your friends! Especially tell military readers and their families.

This is a GREAT thing for our servicemen and women, and a great way for YOU to show support for them.

Any questions, post them on my blog, or contact Sara.


Squirrel (Cheryl Wyatt)


For Immediate Release



Sara Horn, Publisher

615-302-1932 Announces 21-Day Salute to Honor America subscribers and readers are invited to participate in our first 21-Day Salute to Honor America!

In 1975, Congress declared that the period between June 14 (Flag Day) and July 4 (Independence Day) would be recognized as Honor America Days, a time for Americans to publicly celebrate America and the great ideals our country stands for.

We want to do our part in honoring America by inviting you to tell us, in 350 words or less, who you think is a Great American – someone you know who is going beyond the norm to make a difference in the life of their country and their fellow Americans.

Email us your letters between June 14 and July 4 to be included in the contest. We’ll choose the three best letters out of the ones we receive to receive a special gift, courtesy of

Send your letters to today!

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Where Faith and Service Come Together

The mission of is to equip, inform and encourage members of the military and their families through the use of news, feature stories and commentary that will lead people to a more passionate faith in Jesus Christ.

Monday, June 12, 2006



JUST KIDDING! HA HA HA. Okay, well it was funny to me. This image came from this website:
page 5 Image 91 (Photo by Pfc. Brandon Aird, 173rd Public Affairs)

Lots of cool photos there that you can peruse to see what our servicemen and women do while away. I use most of these pictures to remind myself to pray for them, their safety, their missions, and for their loved ones back home.

Revisions for OMINOUS CODE (which I've tentatively renamed TANDEM HEARTS or HOME ON HAVEN STREET for my working title) are coming along nicely. The story is going to be much more romance focused than action-adventure focused. So I don't get to have them chasing down computer hackers with very cool high powered machine guns...but that subplot was cheezy anyway. Maybe I will toss in a paintball game between Amber and Joel and Bradley. That would be cool I think, and fun. Plus it would get the shooting out of my system. LOL! Yeah! I think I will add that now that I think about it. Hey! Maybe that could be one of their dates.

Have any of you been shot at close range with one of those things? OUCH! I mean they HURT! Not as bad as when my sister shot me in the caboose with my Daisey Pellet gun when we were little and living in the desert of New Mexico. It's not like there are many trees to hide behind. It's wide open desert, and sorry, but cactus doesn't provide much cover when pellets and BB's hail.

Living in the Midwest provides more places to hide. Tons of trees. Our back fence looks white because of all the paintgun splotches my husband and daughters have shot there. What a fun way to paint though, huh? Although my neighbors may think I've gone over the edge if I stand out there shooting the porch rail hundreds of times.....

Okay, I'm off to write that scene....



Saturday, June 10, 2006

MOUSE! IN! THE!!!.....DUG OUT???

Went to my niece's softball game tonight and around the 5th inning, all the girls from her team ran shrieking out of the dug out, except a few brave ones who were pounding the earth with their aluminum bats. We figured out they ran out because there was a mouse in the dug out...And he wouldn't come out. Okay, well all the shrieking and flinging of bats probably petrified him, so I doubt he could move if he wanted to.

Anyway, a little while later, my sister (who had moved her chair farrrrrrr-farrrrr away from the dugout) had her attention entrenched in the game. Now you have to understand she and my mother are terrified of mice. In fact, growing up, guess who got nominated to clean out under the sink every time? Yep. Me. And I was proud of that job because I wasn't scared of lil' critters.

So back to the game, I snuck up behind my sister and tickled her on the back of the neck with a large weed thing...Don't ask me what it was...coulda' been poison IVY or a Japanese Maple branch, or heck, even a twig of marijuana for all I know. Anyway, I ran this fuzzy thing up the side of her neck and she started slapping herself like she was playing drums for a speed metal band.

In the process of laughing my head off, she spun as she figured out it wasn't a mouse but her prankster sis, she then turned the slapping brigade at I stepped back out of reach of her smacking and didn't realize one of my children was crouched on the ground behind me.

From the momentum of moving backwards, the backs of my calves hit said child, and I flipped over her, and landed right on my rear in a very ungraceful manner. My dad and I think maybe Chad (Brother in law) or George (family visiting from out of town) came to my aid. I was still laughing so hard but the last laugh was on me.

Thank you Lord for laughter.
Thank you Lord for a close-knit family.
Thank you Lord for a funny memory we will treasure for years to come.
Thank you Lord for the thick carpet of plush green grass which provided a very soft landing.
Thank you Lord for giving me a sense of humor, even if it does often come back to bite me.

I'm working through the revisions. Got a new synopsis written several days ago, and am waiting to get the green light on it so I can finish the new version of the story. I'll keep ya posted!

CONGRATS to Aimee and Chris today. My babysitter got married, and it was THE most touching wedding I've been to. The groom couldn't look at her without tears streaming down his face. Really precious. And they serenaded one another musical theatre-style. She'd sing a verse to him, and he'd sing the next to her, then they'd harmonize. Really neet. People were sniffling all around.

Blessings, Squirrel

Friday, June 02, 2006


I'm serious Y'all. We just had a plotstorming session on my revisions and I am, once again, totally blown away by her keen sense of story structure. I feel so blessed to not only have her as a friend, but to have her brain synapsing away on my synopsis. She came up with some totally awesome ideas, and in the process, helped me understand better about what a story arc is and how it should go. I learned a new thing today. Characters' external conflict needs to have a definable ending, or be closurable. See I'm botching it up as I'm explaining, but this is a really awesome thing to know. It totally helps me plot out my synopsis. I hope to have that done tomorrow. Then I'll send it to Camy, Melissa and Tamela to see if they clear it for take off before I rewrite the story according to my new synopsis. I'm getting even more excited about these revisions now. Yes, okay I'm a sick individual. Camy prayed for me because I had a hard time yesterday and today. For some reason I could NOT focus on this. I had liek brain freeze or something. I think because inside me I know THE--he next few thousand words I write...(don't worry, they won't be on my blog..LOL)will mean the difference in contract offer or rejection. NO PRESSURE thought. LOL!

Anyway, if you need help with structure or your synopsis, or proposals, seriously check out Camy's structural editing. Especially with all the conferences coming up=editor and agent appointments. Camy is awesome at pitches too. Check it out. Give her a try. You WON'T be sorry!!!

Back to my synopsis...We've given me a tomorrow deadline for completion of synopsis. If Camy finds out I'm on here instead of penning that, she might throw her knee out again kicking my wasabi...