Monday, August 31, 2009

Blogging in Seekerville Today with GIVEAWAY!

I'm blogging in Seekerville today about Ramping Tension.

I'm also giving away a free signed copy of A Soldier's Reunion to one commenting blog reader. Oh, comment THERE. Not here. :-)

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday Book Stroll-Dad In Training Gail Gaymer Martin

Most Saturdays, I will be sharing books that I'm currently reading (and recommending!).

I'm delighted to announce that this Saturday's pick is Dad In Training Gail Gaymer Martin, from Steeple Hill Love Inspired.

I must say that this title alone made me excited about reading this book. Love it!


And what an ADORABLE fun cover!

I have long been a fan of Gail's books and she gave me excellent, patient advice during a critique at one of my first ACFW www.acfw conferences.

Her books are always full of depth and emotion. Be sure to pick up this Saturday's pick as well as the other great Love Inspired novels out this month.

About Gail's book:

How is Brent Runyan supposed to reach his troubled nephew? The workaholic businessman knows nothing about providing a real home to the orphaned boy who needs him so much. Special education teacher Molly Manning thinks the answer is threefold: love, time—and a dog. But Brent can barely let his nephew into his heart, let alone a golden retriever. With his tragic past, Brent knows what can happen when you love anything: you can lose it. Until Molly asks this dad-in-training to start with the basics by letting her stay…forever.

Visit Amazon for a first chapter excerpt:

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Book Mania-Look to the East by Maureen Lang

Welcome to Monday Book Mania on my blog where I tell you about books I recommend by authors I love.

This week's feature: Look to the East by Maureen Lang

And as a bonus treat, here is a note for blog readers from this fabulous author:
Greetings! I'm eager to share the news about my newest book release. Have you ever wondered how many love stories have one war or another for a backdrop? Rather than counting, I decided to plunge ahead and add a few more titles. Look to the East is the first in a three book series, each one linked by a European, First World War setting—but little else, since each one is an independent story.

So come along for a glimpse back, circa early 1900's, rural France . . .
Look To The East


Maureen Lang

A village under siege. A love under fire.
France 1914

At the dawn of the First World War, the French village of Briecourt is isolated from the battles, but the century-old feud between the Toussaints and the de Colvilles still rages in the streets. When the German army sweeps in to occupy the town, families on both sides of the feud are forced to work together to protect stragglers caught behind enemy lines.

Julitte Toussaint may have been adopted from a faraway island, but she feels the scorn of the de Colvilles as much as anyone born a Toussaint. So when she falls in love with one of the stragglers—a wealthy and handsome Belgian entrepreneur—she knows she's playing with fire. Charles Lassone hides in the cellar of the Briecourt church, safe from the Germans for the moment. But if he's discovered, it will bring danger to the entire village and could cost Charles his life.

Another note from Maureen:

This book was one of those stories that just needed to be told. Inspired by actual events in a small town in France, it was a dream come true for me to travel there for research and to absorb the atmosphere. Although my book takes place nearly one hundred years ago, the same area today is similar in many ways: picturesque little villages surrounded by a lovely rural landscape. Thankfully, there were no rumbles of battle in the distance when I was there . . .

My prayer is that the events of the past won't be forgotten, so we'll never again make the same mistakes.

About Maureen Lang:
Maureen lives with her family (her husband, three kids and their lovable lab) in Illinois. She spends her days dreaming up people in faraway places, characters who live far more exciting lives than she does within the safety of her happy home. Look to the East is Maureen's ninth novel.

Visit Maureen's website.

or her blog.

Look to the East can be purchased at:


Signed by the Author

Or wherever books are sold.

Happy Reading!


Happy Monday! Hope you will pick up this book. :-)

Cheryl Wyatt

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

In Seekerville Today

I'm blogging in Seekerville today.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Blogging at Craftie Ladies Today

Blogging here today. Hope you will drop by and comment.

Craftie Ladies of Romance

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Book Mania! The Hope of Refuge by Cindy Woodsmall

Welcome to Monday Book Mania where I tell you about great books by authors I love. This Monday's feature is: the Hope of Refuge by Cindy Woodsmall.
The Hope of Refuge

Raised in foster care and now the widowed mother of a little girl, Cara Moore struggles against poverty, fear, and a relentless stalker. When a trail of memories leads Cara and Lori out of New York City toward an Amish community, she follows every lead, eager for answers and a fresh start. She discovers that long-held secrets about her family history ripple beneath the surface of Dry Lake, Pennsylvania, and it’s no place for an outsider. But one Amish man, Ephraim Mast, dares to fulfill the command he believes that he received from God–“Be me to her”– despite how it threatens his way of life.

Completely opposite of the hard, untrusting Cara, Ephraim’s sister Deborah also finds her dreams crumbling when the man she has pledged to build a life with begins withdrawing from Deborah and his community, including his mother, Ada Stoltzfus. Can the run-down house that Ada envisions transforming unite them toward a common purpose–or push Mahlon away forever? While Ephraim is trying to do what he believes is right, will he be shunned and lose everything–including the guarded single mother who simply longs for a better life?

About the Author ~

Cindy Woodsmall is the author of When the Heart Cries, and the New York Times best-sellers When the Morning Comes and When the Soul Mends. Her ability to authentically capture the heart of her characters comes from her real-life connections with Amish Mennonite and Old Order Amish families. A mother of three sons and two daughters-in-law, Cindy lives in Georgia with her husband of more than thirty years.

What others are saying ~

“Cindy Woodsmall’s The Hope of Refuge takes the reader on an emotional journey into the heart of Amish country and the heart of a very human heroine. A compelling novel…”
–Karen Harper, New York Times bestselling author of Deep Down

I’m not a huge fan of Amish books, but Cindy Woodsmall’s novels are in a class by themselves. The Hope of Refuge is one of my top picks for 2009. Novel Reviews and I highly recommend it—a 5-star read.
–Ane Mulligan of Novel Reviews

“What a beautiful story of hope and renewal! Cindy Woodsmall’s The Hope of Refuge is an honest and moving portrayal that rings with authenticity.”
–Marlo Schalesky, award-winning author of If Tomorrow Never Comes and Beyond the Night

This book [The Hope of Refuge] was excellent! It was so good that I couldn't put it down…
–Cecelia Dowdy

Purchase this book online:
Available August 11, at your local bookstores. Also available at Amazon:

Or Christian Book Distributors:

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Blog is burping. SORRY. Please bear with me...

It appears that my blog is burping. I'm so sorry for those of you who subscribe. Rest assured I don't normally send out five (or more?) posts in one day!!!

I do well to blog three times a week. And actually, some posts that I had scheduled months ago just now seem to be breaking loose and getting through. Not sure how to stop that.

So I hope you will be understanding while I get this kink worked out. I value your subscription to this blog and your readershipship of my blog is a tremendous blessing to me.

Please bear with me and feel free to delete any posts that continue to come through in case I don't manage to get them from "scheduled" to "draft" mode before they slip through.

Love you all!

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Blogging at Love Inspired Authors' Blog Today

I'm blogging at today.

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Monday, August 03, 2009

Monday Book Mania! Her Inheritance Forever by Lyn Cote

Welcome once again to Monday Book Mania where I tell you about books I recommend by authors I love.

Today's feature is Her Inheritance Forever by Lyn Cote
Release date: 8-18-09
Publisher: Avon Inspire

To purchase, please use this link

Lyn will be giving away a copy each week on her blog to those who stop by and comment during that week.


TEXAS: Star of Destiny

By Lyn Cote

Release date: 8-18-09
HER INHERITANCE FOREVER (Avon Inspire, Trade Paperback Original, On Sale: August 18, 2009, ISBN: 9780061373435, $12.99) is book two of the Texas: Star of Destiny series,
In 1836 Texas, Alandra Sandoval is the Tejano lady of Rancho Sandoval. She is determined to show the world of men that she, a woman, can run the ranch successfully without a male by her side. Yet she still longs for future love and a family.

Scully Falconer, a loner, is the top hand on a nearby ranch. He has given his loyalty to the Quinn family and doesn’t ask more than honest pay for an honest day’s work.

Alandra, the lady of Mexican descent, and Scully, the American cowboy, think they have very different paths set before them. But greedy relatives burst onto the scene, threatening to change their way of life. And when General Santa Anna crosses the Rio Grande and marches north to keep his rendezvous with destiny at the Alamo, Alandra and Scully’s lives will never be the same.

The Library Journal says Lyn Cote “demonstrates her skill at creating strong female protagonists in compelling stories that will captivate historical romance readers.” HER INHERITANCE FOREVER attests to Cote’s ability to create page-turning, riveting romances with wonderful historical details that also allow readers to watch the forming of the Texas state."

LYN COTE is an award-winning author of both contemporary and historical inspirational romance. She speaks at state, regional and national writer’s conferences and is an active member of RWA and the American Christian Fiction Authors. Most recently, Chloe, the first novel in Lyn’s “Women of Ivy Manor” series published by FaithWords was a 2006 Rita Award finalist for Best Inspirational as well as a finalist for the Holt Medallion and the National Readers Choice Contest. She is also one the top-selling authors in Harlequin’s Love Inspired category line. Lyn and her husband live in Wisconsin.

By Lyn Cote
Avon Inspire/An Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers
On Sale: August 18, 2009
ISBN: 9780061373435

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Saturday Book Stroll-Randy Singer's Justice Game with Giveaway!

Welcome to Saturday Book Stroll where I tell you about books I recommend by authors I love. This Saturday's feature is The Justice Game(Tyndale House) by Randy Singer. it released this July.

About The Justice Game

After the target of an investigative report storms a Virginia Beach news studio, he executes one of the anchors on live television before the SWAT team is able to take him down. Following the victim’s funeral, her family files a lawsuit against the gun company who manufactured the killer’s weapon of choice.

The lawyers for the plaintiff and defendant—Kelly Starling and Jason Noble—are young, charismatic, and highly successful. They’re also easy blackmail targets, each harboring a personal secret so devastating it could destroy their careers.

Millions of dollars—and more than a few lives—are at stake. But as Kelly and Jason battle each other, they discover that the real fight is with unseen forces intent on controlling them both.

About Randy’s Approach to this Book

The Justice Gameasks whether justice can be bought and sold in America and focuses specifically on the national gun debate. Randy’s goal in this book was not to make converts to either side but to present both perspectives of the debate and let readers draw their own conclusion. In fact, Randy’s book has been endorsed by people from both sides of the aisle.

Randy took a unique approach to determining the verdict in this story—he had his readers decide. Readers were invited to watch a special online video of the closing arguments and then vote on the verdict. People took this very seriously, and from feedback we received, it was a difficult decision for many. While the jury has made its decision, you can still view the video at

For more info about this OUTSTANDING and EMOTIONALLY CHARGED book, visit:

Randy's site.

There is a story there that made this story personal to Randy. Be sure not to miss this article. And for sure, don't miss this book!

It had me on the edge of my seat and nearly in tears at times from the emotional tension. No matter which side of the gun debate you sit on, this book will make you think and make you think about the other side.

About Randy:

Randy believes it’s important to simultaneously hold a number of different jobs so that if he gets fired by two employers the same day, he can still avoid the unemployment line. He splits his time and divides his personality between Randy Singer, critically acclaimed author, Randy Singer, veteran trial lawyer, and Randy Singer, ministry leader and preacher. When he grows up, he will decide what he really wants to do. For more of his hilarious and impressive bio as well as reviews and award info on this book and more, visit Randy's bio section of his Web site.

I am giving away a copy of The Justice Game. Deadline for entry is September 1, 2009 at Midnight CST. Winner will be notified that week.

If you don't win this book, it'll be well worth your money. I hope you'll stick Randy on your auto-buy list. His books are phenomenal and gripping. I could totally see them as a major motion picture or as a TV miniseries.

Happy reading!

Cheryl Wyatt