Monday, February 25, 2008

A MUST-READ Article from Mike Hyatt of Thomas Nelson

There is an article by Mike Hyatt of Thomas Nelson that I read in Carnival of Christian Writers this month is a MUST READ. It can speak to you whether you're a writer or not. Very encouraging and thought-provoking.
My favorite two things he said....and which are going to become quotes that I set in front of my computer, are:
Stay humble. "To remain successful, you have to keep adopting the posture of a beginner." 
Trust God. "If you don't need God to pull off what you are planning, you are not dreaming big enough."
The rest is great too and better if you read it in context. I think it'll speak to all, challenge all, and encourage all. 
Here's the link. You'll find his link once you click this:
Once there, just click on Mike Hyatt's link.
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