Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Cat Chronicals-Psych Saturday

Hey people,

My news...rump still in a cast thanks to expert swords-things of the feathery sort. So I've made a New Week Resolution...I'm NOT going to be terrorizing birds any time soon. I have learned my lesson.

I've decided to terrorize fish instead.


The PJs just got back from a successful mission. Did they rescue a pilot who ended up down behind enemy lines? Or was it a more humanitarian mission, oh say, helping to rescue flood victims from the overflowing Mississippi?

Both actually. Sometimes the best way to rescue someone from the pitch of their roof when water's lapping their ankles and they're standing on the highest point, is to hover a helicopter there and hoist extract them. Very dangerous for the rescuer, but sometimes the only hope for those in need of rescue.

Would you be willing to risk your life to save someone else?

Do you know a rescuer? Honor them by telling us about them in the comments section.

The PJs live by the same creed as the Coast Guard....they risk their lives so others may live.

On a serious note, pray for the rescuers of today. Firemen, PJs, Coast Guard, and the list goes on and on. Pray for our deployed troops as well, because in Iraq this week, it is 120 something degrees and our soldiers are there defending your freedom. Pray for them and their families who've sacrificed them for the good of mankind. Tough on a family, especially pray for the wives and children of those deployed.

Yeah...yeah...I'm a sappy cat today...but hey...we can't be sarcastic all the time.

True to me though, here's the picture of my next victim....not gonna eat it. Just, freak it out a little by watching it swim in the little tank.


Until next week...


Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Check out this REALLY FUN interview with me, via Relz Reviews...awesome site BTW!

Back from the deadline dance soon...PROMISE!

Thanx 4 hangin' in,

Squirrel aka Cheryl

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Psych Saturday-The Cat Chronicals


What may you ask, is that?

Cheryl Wyatt plunking out her deadline novel...which is why she's been MIA from posting. BUT, hey, you have ME here today to bring you up to speed on the latest happenings in Refuge-the fictional town in her Wings of Refuge Series from Love Inspired.

Do you know how much I hate robins? Not Cheryl's friend Robin Miller. I'm talking about robins of the feathered variety.

Do you also know that I have a bandage on my butt?

Yes. It's true. A troop of militia-minded birds caught me stalking starlings by the birdhouse.....

and they launched a full scale attack....

Do you know how many robins speared my rump yesterday before I could skitter away to cover beneath said birdbath?

So anywho, that's my catty news for the day.

Here's the latest from Refuge:

Javier and Enrique are regularly tandem jumping. Not with each other of course. But with the PJ dudes. Not dudes wearing pajamas either. PJs are Pararescue Jumpers and Cheryl is featuring an entire team of them in her Wings of Refuge Series.

I think Javier is sweet on Enrique's sister. They keep making googly eyes at one another when they think their moms aren't looking. Hmmm...we will see how this pans out. Apparently Javier told PJ Manny, his step dad, that he wasn't going to focus on getting girls...but on getting a career. More on that as the story develops.

Bradley had a cancer check. He's still in remission! Looks like the bone marrow transplant was successful! That's great news all the way around.

Dean and Millie eloped. Just like that. No warning. No one knows if they went to Vegas or what, but Joel has a new stepmother...or step aunt...or whatever she'd be to him. Confused? Read A Soldier's Promise to find out.

That's all for this week.

C U Next week.

Same time. Same place.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Talking Alphies at Seekerville



Drop by and say hey! We're talking Alphasmarts...

Don't know what that is?

Come on over to Seekerville and find out!

Cheryl Wyatt

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Psych Saturday-The Cat Chronicals

Howdy doody dudes.

I spent the weekend at Amber's pond. Remember her? She's the heroine of this blog owner's debut novel.

Cheryl is MIA at MIS this weekend... Michigan International Speedway. SO while she's been surrounded by all kinds of campers and fast cars zooming around a two mile track at speeds that make my eyes cross, I've been prancing around the banks of a pond, scaring all the minnows. He he. Terrorizing fish is much more fun that terrorizing birds. Except I got my paw wet which put me in a bad mood.

AND...Celia forgot my tuna. But I have the perfect retaliation. Soon as she lets me out of that pet carrier I'm gonna slip past her we say fertilize her flower gardens?

Okay, 'nuff of that.

Here's the latest, greatest Refuge news:

Enrique told Javier that he wants to join the Air Force with him. Both teens are trying to gather the nerve to tell Trina Pallazio, Enrique's mom. She's been sober since befriending Celia, the woman her ex-husband widowed in a drug bust. Celia's husband was a cop. If this isn't sounding familiar, then chances are you haven't read Cheryl Wyatt's second book, A Soldier's Family.

You can still purchase it at any online book store.

Joel and Amber are moving forward with plans to adopt international orphans. Yes, that's plural. They don't want siblings to have to be separated, so they're looking for a set and praying God leads them to the right ones. Bradley is excited to be getting siblings. Of course, don't expect him to share the good game remote.

Celia and Manny are looking into fostering troubled teens.

Dale and Millie have set a date. They're getting hitched for sure. Love can happen at any age, folks.

More news next week.

Until then....enjoy the pic. But just know that if anything looking like that shows up at my pad, its corneas are gonna get slashed. No woofers allowed. Celia has enough fur to deal with and she's not all that keen on vacuuming. Plus, one of those could turn me into a snack and, well, who else would keep you up to date on the happenings in Refuge, the fictional setting for Cheryl Wyatt's Wings of Refuge Series from Steeple Hill Love Inspired?


Psych the cat

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Big thanks going out to American Christian Fiction Writers' publicity officer, Cara Putman, for compiling this list.

6/11/2008 Chip MacGregor
6/11/2008 Cara Putman
6/12/2008 Pamela James
6/12/2008 Wanda Dyson
6/13/2008 Ane Mulligan
6/13/2008 Jennifer AlLee
6/16/2008 Christina Nelson
6/16/2008 Robin Miller
6/17/2008 Annette Irby
6/18/2008 Sharon Hinck
6/18/2008 Martha Rogers
6/19/2008 Susan May Warren
6/20/2008 Camy Tang
6/23/2008 Ronie Kendig
6/23/2008 Deb Raney
6/24/2008 Colleen Coble
6/25/2008 Rachel Hauck
6/26/2008 Brandilyn Collins
6/26/2008 Cathy West
6/27/2008 Jill Elizabeth Nelson
6/28/2008 Gail Gaymer Martin
6/28/2008 Eileen Watson
6/30/2008 Lynette Sowell
6/30/2008 Sue Brower
6/30/2008 Julie Carobini
7/1/2008 Mary Connealy
7/1/2008 Gina Conroy
7/1/2008 Steve Laube
7/2/2008 Rachelle Gardner
7/2/2008 Lena Nelson Dooley
7/3/2008 Linda Fulkerson
7/4/2008 Terry Burns
7/4/2008 Rebecca Yauger
7/7/2008 Carla Stewart
7/7/2008 Susan Downs
7/9/2008 Leanna Ellis
7/9/2008 Rebecca Germany
7/9/2008 Rose McCauley
7/10/2008 Sharon Dunn
7/11/2008 Pam Meyers
7/11/2008 JoAnne Simmons
7/14/2008 Celia Tomer
7/14/2008 Janice Olson
7/15/2008 Angie Bredenbach
7/15/2008 Cheryl Wyatt
7/16/2008 Christina Berry
7/17/2008 Roxanne Rustad
7/18/2008 Margaret Daley;
7/18/2008 Margaret Daley
7/22/2008 Pam Hillman
7/28/2008 Virginia Smith
7/30/2008 Cara Putman
8/1/2008 Christa Allen
8/3/2008 Deborah Vogts
8/4/2008 Michelle Sutton
8/6/2008 Tiff Stockton

Drop by these as you can! And drop by here on 7/15/2008 for my contribution for this tour to help promote the ACFW conference.

Until then, let me know what kinds of questions you have about the ACFW conference.


Cheryl Wyatt

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

When was the last time . . .

you just played with the crazy abandon of a child?

This weekend, my family had a mudfest. Not kidding. And why?

Just for the fun of it. I will post pix as soon as I have them.

It all started when my cousin and his wife-to-be tried to talk their son into playing in the mud like the other kids. LOL!

Not kidding. Something about that cracked me up. I mean, usually it's the kid trying to talk the parents into letting them play in the mud and the parents trying to talk the kid out of it.

Not in this case. The kids all were playing on this seven dollar Slip-N-Slide. The grass at the end of it became excavated to the point a huge mud hole formed there. So when the kids started pulling each other across the wet material, one accidentally fell face-first in the mud. She came up totally brown and dripping with muddy water.

Absolutely hilarious sight to behold.

So the rest of the kids started splashing in the mud. Except one. His parents tried to goad him into it but he wasn't so sure. So he challenged his mother, "If you think playing in the mud is so fun, why don't you do it?"

So she did. Tromped right over there and flopped down in the muddy hole and rolled around until she was caked from head to toe in moist, gooey brown clay.

Then chaos erupted. Everyone started chasing and dragging everyone else (adults included) through the mud. My family hasn't had that much fun in I don't remember when. And we always have fun and laugh a lot when we're together.

Cars driving by were hilarious. People would just slow down and s-t-a-r-e.

My husband pulled up and my dad and cousin and all the kids chased him and my brother-in-law up a tree because they had no intention of getting muddy.

So they got the water hoses after him.

My husband jumped out of the tree and ran his legs off, threatening that if anyone dragged him through the mud, they'd better know how to swim because he'd toss them in the pond.

And he would too.

I'd know. I had found out the hard way. Not that day, but when we were engaged eleven years ago. But that's another funny story for another day.

So, my faithful blogees quit lurking. Let's have an interactive blog.

Tell me about the last time you and your family had some crazy outlandish fun. When was the last time you acted as carefree as a child?

Talk-talk-talk people! I wanna hear your stories.

Post them by this time next week and I will draw names of everyone who comments on this post. One lucky winner will receive a "Summer Fun Mystery Gift" from me.

Cheryl Wyatt aka Squirrel

Monday, June 09, 2008

Want a little whine with that cheese?

Okay...I'm bummed.

My statcounter says I'm getting several thousand legit hits a week (sometimes 1000 in a day!) on this blog.

AND NO ONE IS TALKING. Well hardly. Just a few of us.

So....from here on out...let's make this an interactive blog.

I recently had a live chat on the ACFW Bookclub chatroom and had an absolute blast.

So from here on out, this will be an interactive blog. You comment and I'll check in and comment back and answer questions.

I feel lonely talking all by myself.

Speak up y'all! I know you're there.

Ready...set...don't by shy....DELURK! :-)

The rest of you, who faithfully comment...THANK YOU! Your readership is a tremendous blessing!!!!


Saturday, June 07, 2008

Psych Saturday-The Cat Chronicals June 7, 2008

Welcome to Psych Saturday!

Your weekly news source for the latest happenings in Refuge, Illinois--the fictional setting for Cheryl Wyatt's Wings of Refuge series from Steeple Hill Love Inspired.

***Joel, Manny and the rest of the pararescue team were tasked to the shuttle launch. Did you know that PJs have that responsibility? They're ready and waiting to rescue astronauts during shuttle landing and launch. Pretty cool, eh? The guys like hanging out at the space center.

***PJs Nolan Briggs and Ben Dillinger have been venturing around Joel and Manny's Bible studies. But don't expect Vince Reardon or Brockton Drake to show up quite yet. Chance Garrison is thinking about it, not that he'd admit that to Brock or Vince. So it seems something finally has divided the PJ team. Vince says Christianity is seeping in and breaking the close bond between these rescuing brothers. But could it really be that God is pursuing Vince with the same stubborn, relentless love that drew these other warriors into Godly surrender?

***Joint task force leader Aaron Petrowski is busy with his twins after the death of his wife. He pulled out of doing missions when the tragedy struck. But word has it, he's been coming around a little more these days? Will this loyal leader find a way to be able to care for his boys AND return to pararescue? We'll keep you posted on that developing story the next few months.

***In other news, the tooth fairy still visited Bradley. He got a dollar...whatever that is. Must be a good thing because they trade it for my tuna...and that, my friends, is all that matters.

***Enrique and Javier are now employed part time at Refuge's DZ (Drop Zone). Word has it the PJ team is pitching in and teaching them how to rig chutes. Celia would rather not know. I'm sorta with her on the deal. Why on earth would supposedly smart humans jump out of million dollar airplanes when they don't even have wings? And these parachute things they concoct? Sorry to say but they look NOTHING like bird wings. Speaking of birds....there are a few outside in the bath that I'd like to go terrorize now...

Later dudes and dudettes.....


Thursday, June 05, 2008


June Prompt Contest
• Write a 500 word scene using all ten Prompt Words.
• Begin each scene using one of three Scene Starter Sentences.
• Mail your scenes in the body of an e-mail to Cheryl @ CherylWyatt . com (close spaces before and after “@” and “.”)
• Put “June Prompt Contest” in the subject line.
• Entry deadline is the last day of the month.
• Winners will be notified the first week of the next month.
• Winners will receive a free Steeple Hill book, mailed the month winners are notified.
• All monthly entrants (not just winners) will be entered into the annual contest for one of several chances to win a six month subscription to any Steeple Hill line of their choice.
• Entries will not be posted or published anywhere and entrants retain all rights to their work.
• I will post winners’ names each month if permission is granted either at the time of entry, or upon notification of placement.
• New prompts will be posted on the first of the month.
• Most of all, have fun!

June Prompt Words
1. decree
2. Prints
3. Princess
4. Stadium
5. Gladiator
6. Journey
7. Hand
8. Joust
9. Victor
10. Play
June Scene Starter Sentences:
“She hit town yesterday.”
“What category?”
“How long you figure we got?”


Cheryl Wyatt aka Squirrel

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Title Ideas Chosen

Okay were the final ten titles chosen. I will send these to my editor when they ask for titles for book five...which is almost complete by the way!

If your title wasn't chosen, know that it was a hard choice. I chose titles that were similar to Ready-Made-Family and also titles that weren't already Steeple Hill titles in the past. And titles that denoted the hooks of the book and still sounded like Steeple Hill Titles. I appreciate all who sent ideas! It was SO hard to narrow it down to ten because ALL of your ideas were GREAT.

Without further are the final ten:

1. Nanny-Made-Family
2. Nanny to the Rescue
3. More than Duty
4. Nanny No More
5. More than a Nanny
6. Au Pair for a Pair
7. As if they were my Own
8. As Though They Were Mine
9. Double Devotion
10. Double Duty

I also have an alternate list of about ten, in case none of the above work. If, after I turn in the first ten to my editors, they ask for another 10-15 titles, I will turn in these: (and at that time contact those of you who offered up the ideas):

11. Double Duty Dad
12. Twin Duty
13. Twin Tasks
14. Twice Upon a Prayer
15. Duty of Love
16. Freefall into Family
17. Pair o' Chutes
18. Falling for the Nanny
19. A Time of Their Own
20. Family for Hire
21. Duty Divided
22. Recovering Hearts
23. Recovered Family


Tuesday, June 03, 2008


This list is composed by Jill Eileen Smith:

You MUST check out her spotlight with my good friend and fellow author, Robin Caroll.

We've got 13 new Christian novels this month - a wide variety of choices and I can see my to-be-read pile is going to grow bigger still! Also, don't forget to check out my new Spotlight on author and ACFW President Robin Caroll!.

1. Allison's Journey, Book 4 in the Brides of Webster County series by Wanda E. Brunstetter from Barbour Publishing. Allison Troyer feels as faceless as her tattered doll, but a trip to visit her aunt in Missouri could change Allison's life forever.

2. Final Justice, Book Six in the Reunion Revelations Continuity series by Marta Perry from Love Inspired Suspense. To protect an innocent child, teacher Jennifer Pappas must risk everything--her job, her love, and even her life.

3. Florida Weddings by Lynn Coleman, Kristy Dykes, Kathleen E. Kovach from Barbour Publishing, Inc. The past casts a shadow upon the lives of three Florida women.

4. Jewel Of The Adriatic by K.M. Daughters (Pat Casiello and Kathie Clare) from The Wild Rose Press. A village where millions believe the Mother of God appears becomes a haven where two souls find faith and love.

5. Killer Cargo by Dana Mentink from Love Inspired Suspense. Maria de Silva and Cy Sheridan face danger and death when they stumble upon a lethal package.

6. New Beginnings, Book 4 in the Rachel Yoder Always Trouble Somewhere series by Wanda E. Brunstetter from Barbour Publishing. Spring has sprung and ten year old Rachel Yoder is filled with the hope of good things to come, but things go sour when she learns that her best friend is moving.

7. Out of Control, Book 3 in the Rachel Yoder Always Trouble Somewhere series by Wanda E. Brunstetter from Barbour Publishing. Despite Rachel Yoder's need to take control of her troubling situations, she needs to learn that there are some things she just can't control.

8. Picture This by Nancy J. Farrier from Barbour Heartsong Presents. When Jason and Maddy are sent on a photography assignment in the Arizona desert, Jason's Christian ideals collide iwth Maddy's questionable past to threaten any future they might have together.

9. Prodigal in the City by Louis N Jones from Conquest Publishers. He abandoned his Christian faith. Now, his life and his God-given destiny hang in the balance.

10. Suspicious Minds Squeaky Clean Mysteries #2 by Christy Barritt from Kregel. A dead Elvis impersonator and a rival turned wooer are just a couple of crime-scene cleaner Gabby St. Claire's problems in this thrilling sequel to Hazardous Duty.

11. The Hunted by Mike Dellosso from Realms (Strang Book Group). A town's deadly secret will drive one man to the edge of his faith.

12. Tuesday Night at the Blue Moon by Debbie Fuller Thomas from Moody Publishers. A grieving mom discovers the child she lost was switched at birth, but can she risk loving an angry stranger?

13. Washington's Lady, Book 2 Nebraska Brides by Nancy Moser from Bethany House. It is said that without George Washington there would be no United States, but without Martha, there would be no George...

Happy reading ~


Monday, June 02, 2008



**************Permission to forward****************

The ACFW Book Club is having two live chats this week. The first one is Monday (that's TODAY), so don't miss it!

Date: Monday, June 2nd
Time: 8:00pm EST (7pm CST, 6pm MST, 5pm PST)
Who: author Cheryl Wyatt
Book: A Soldier's Family
Where: Cheryl Wyatt's ACFW Chat


Date: Thursday, June 5th
Time: 8:00pm EST (7pm CST, 6pm MST, 5pm PST)
Who: author Amber Miller
Book: Promises, Promises
Where: Tiff Miller's ACFW Chat

Everyone is welcome to chat. Just log in with your name. You don't need a password at all.


Sunday, June 01, 2008

Psych Saturday-One day late!


Kay's the deal...

I know the second edition of The Cat Chronicles is a day late but...I have a good excuse:

Hailstorm knocked the power out

So, without further ado, here's this edition of The Cat Chronicles...your best news source ladies, gents and furry creatures of all kinds...for the newest goings on in Refuge.

If you haven't ordered Cheryl Wyatt's (the human owner of this blog) first two books in Wings of Refuge (A Soldier's Promise and A Soldier's Family) they're still available on SteepleHill
Barnes and Noble
Borders and all other online booksellers.

***Bradley lost a tooth yesterday. Which wouldn't be that big of a news deal except for the fact that the kid got so excited he swallowed it.

Psych's Editor note: if humans would start politely lapping their food from floor-bowls like us socially-mannered cats instead of jabbing the insides of their uncivalized mouths repeatedly three to six times a day with sharp metal-pronged instruments, maybe their teeth would stop falling out.
***Joel's pararescue team is officially settled in Refuge. Most of the guys are staying at Refuge's sprawling Victorian Bed and Breakfast. It's located on Mustang Lane (yes, rightly named after Joel's wife Amber who crashed into it with a car.)

Editor's Note from Psych on that: If humans would just walk on all fours like we do, maybe these collision things wouldn't happen.
I've heard rumors that a local police officer has his sites set on Trina Palazzio. If you have read A Soldier's Family, you know what semi-shocking news this is. Of course, he's a new guy on the force and just moved from the police academy. So he might not know Trina's family history.....yet. Will he still be interested once he learns?

Psych's Editor note: And yes, he is bound to find out. I'll tell you about the gossip tree next week.
Javier's friend Enrique has been leached to the PJs like crazy. Rumor has it he has been watching the Pararescue Recruitment Videos and drooling all the while. Manny asked him to go tandem diving...but Trina (his mom) is not so sure she's ready to let him try. Celia (Javier's mom and heroine for A Soldier's Family) is reportedly trying to (miracle!) talk her into it.

Psych Editor note: That way they can freak out together.
***For those of you who've been writing the blog owner, asking if there will be more PJ stories...a big, furry Meaw-YES!

Pararescuers Ben Dillinger, Nolan Briggs and Aaron Petrowski all have stories slotted to release from Steeple Hill publishers in 2009. If you would like reminders, join Cheryl Wyatt's newsletter on her Web site and input your e-mail address in the space provided that says, "Join Cheryl Wyatt's Author Mailing List". She respects your privacy and will not share your e-mail address with anyone.
That's about it for this week...tune in next week for more news...
Oh...and if you have questions about the books....let me know and I'll try to dig up the scoop.
I'm going to add some pictures of my animal buddies here to The Cat Chronicals each week. They're sure to make you go, "Awwwww...." or bring a chuckle. (Whatever that is. I think it makes humans sound like they're trying to hack up furr balls with no success...but hey, that's just me.)

Until next week...Psych