Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Got a jury summons today. In the mail. From an actual courthouse. About an actual trial.
In the midst of my family's condolences....I'm secretly about to come unglued inside....
I've never been summoned for jury duty before!
It is bad that I'm really hoping I'll get picked? I mean, hey..the suspense writer in me's thinkin' Ya know...this could benefit my writing. Could authenticate setting and sensory details if I ever write a scene that is stationed in a courtroom.
Yeah...you're right.
Maybe I need to get out more........

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Susan Stitch said...

HaHa! I just received a summons, too, and I was really disappointed that it was during the Mt. Hermon Christian Writer's Conference! I had to decline, but I hope they call me back again soon. It seems like everyone else has gotten to do this...worst case it will give me hours of quiet reading time.

Ausjenny said...

For a writer it would give good experience. I for one wouldn't like to do it but I have a ligit reason not to go. I am a carer for my elderly mother and the court here is about 100 miles away and i dont have transport. so i would be excempt (cos of mum) We also if we are called are on call for a whole month.
hope it works out how you want it to

Amy said...

I was excited the first time I had jury duty, too, but i ended up sitting in a waiting room the whole day. I did, however, manage to read two books during that time. :)

Pammer said...

I KNOW! They always send the summons to Greg and not to me! Waaaa! I've only been summoned twice and both times I didn't get picked. I wanted to cry because I WANT IN THERE to see what happens. But the little yellow envelope always has my husband or (get this) my deceased mother's name. She even got summoned to a FEDERAL case after she died. Sigh.

I hope you get picked too. Share your notes with me.

Myra Johnson said...

I've done jury duty a few times already. The very first time was a murder trial in Dallas, probably 15-20 years ago. I made pages and pages of notes from the experience and recently named the villain in one of my mss. after the killer.

I served in Houston on a dog bite case and have also been called to be on a panel but not selected a number of times. The hardest part for me was dealing with downtown big-city traffic, parking, etc., plus the long waits. Now that we live in a smaller city, maybe it won't be so bad when they finally find me and send a summons.

In the meantime, take advantage of the chance to experience this "adventure"! Grist for the writer's mill, as they say!

Brittanie said...

I've always wanted jury duty just to see what it is like. :)