Thursday, November 13, 2008

More hiking pictures

More hiking pics.....



vince said...

Hello Cheryl:

Your pictures look like a dead ringer for Robber’s Cave near Wilburton, Oklahoma which enjoys notoriety as a former hideout for Jesse James and Belle Starr. I just knew you were going to say they were from there. If it has not been done, this would be a good area for a historical romance.


Anita Mae said...

I love your photos - maybe b/c I love rocks.

I have a rock collection in my house which I pass dozens of times a day and every time I see them, I am awed by God's creations.

Cheryl Wyatt said...

Vince, that's cool! Now you have a story idea brewing...LOL. I actually have a series on cave rescuers that I need to send somewhere. They're more action than romance though.

I used to go caving all the time. And I love to study the rich history behind caves, most of which have been there longer than some of our ancestors.

Anita, I'm glad they offer you a visual. This area is so beautiful, especially to a gal who grew up out West in a desert.



vince said...

Hi Cheryl:

If you like caving, have you read Nevada Barr’s, Blind Descent, which is located at Carlsbad Caverns? Most of the action takes place underground, a good deal of it in total darkness, in the recently discovered Lechuguilla cave near the caverns. This is the most ‘cave-y’ book I’ve ever read.