Tuesday, November 04, 2008

CONGRATS Marcher Lord Press Book Winners! And BOOK SURGE TODAY

Pardon for the double posting...

Congrats going out to

Lia for winning a free copy of Hero Second Class.

Lynn for winning a free copy of Personifid Invasion.


Cathikin for winning a copy of Summa Elvetica

Speaking of Summa Elvetica....TODAY between noon and midnight (EST, GMT -5:00) Marcher Lord Press is having a book surge on Amazon. Meaning if you planned to purchase this book, or any MLP book, NOW would be wonderful. If a certain number of people purchase the book within this time frame, Summa will likely hit Amaon bestseller status in its category. So I hope you will bop over to www.amazon.com and purchase this book by Theodore Beale.

For those who purchase one or more MLP titles from Amazon (U.S.) during this window, send Jeff Gerke (publisher/editor of MLP) proof of that purchase (like the receipt you get from Amazon--but be sure it doesn't contain any personal information like credit card number). When you do that he'll send you the link to download one or more of his e-book products FOR FREE. His contact info is on the Marcher Lord Press Web site. Marcher Lord Press

Here is the purchase link.

Summa Elvetica on Amazon


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