Friday, November 21, 2008


Hey bloggies!

Today is Free Book Friday. Leave a message in the comment section of this post by next Thursday, Nov 28 for a chance to win a Steeple Hill book.

Winner's name will be drawn Friday, Nov 29. At that point I will contact the winner, so please remember to leave a valid e-mail address (with brackets or spaces around the @ so Net spiders don't getcha) in the comment section.

Winner will have their choice between several different Steeple Hill books.



Ausjenny said...

um Cheryl to day is the 21st and you said to enter by yesterday the 20th. is that a misprint. If so I really want to enter.
ausjenny at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

hi Cheryl
am confused about dates, but will comment in the hopes of winning something.
been enjoying the blog this week and looking forward to reading the next PJ book.

Deb H.
debowei at regent dot edu

Anonymous said...

HI, Cheryl. Oh, what a fun way to start the last day of the work week.

A little drawing. Sweet.

Count me in sheriboeyink[at]cox[dot]net.

I have fun reading your blog, Cheryl. Keep up the good work.

Cheryl Wyatt said...

Hey guys, thanks for catching the date error. This post was supposed to go up a week ago and I rescheduled it. LOL! Forgot to change the date. It's correct now. You have one week from today to enter.


Vader's Mom said...

Please toss my name in the hat too!


vadersmomma at gmail dot come

Anonymous said...

Please pick me! I'd love a book, but I'm not very lucky at drawings :(

Love you!
roberts514 at yahoo dot com

Carole said...

I'd love to win a Steeple Hill book, Cheryl, so thank you for the generous giveaway.

cjarvis [at] bellsouth [dot] net

lilac grandma said...

Thanks for the chance to win a book, Cheryl.

Pamela J said...

That's ALL WE DO? Just enter a comment to win a book? I feel like I'm missing something, like reading a review or interview. How would I ever choose which book if my name was drawn? Well, cross one bridge at a time and as God says, worry about today and tomorrow will take care of itself. Today is taken care of. Now, for tomorrow... or, rather, drawing day.
Pam Williams
cepjwms at yahoo dot com

vince said...

Hi Cheryl:

The odds look pretty good to me. Where else can you get such a deal? Thanks,


vmres at swbell dot net

Eileen Astels Watson said...

I can't get enough of SH books. Please enter me, too.


Donna Moore said...

Cheryl please include me in the drawing. By the way when is your next pj book coming out. I love that series.


Hope Chastain said...

Hi! Please enter me, too! Been missing seeing you at eharlequin. Guess you're drowning in writing like I am at the moment! NaNo, NaNo....Oh, well, it's almost December, and only another 13063 words left to go...I plan to incorporate this month's story starter into the novel and slay two aerial flitters with one flung rock...

hope _ chastain [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Cheryl Wyatt said...

Thanks everyone for entering!

Congrats to Vader's Mom for winning this drawing!

Stay tuned for the next Free Book Friday....