Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blush & Cringe- Editorial Assassins?

I was at a NASCAR race recently. It was during a race that an e-mail came in from one of my editors. Since there was a race going on, I couldn't use my phone to call her because the track officials jam the signals so that spotters can talk to drivers during a race.

Anyway, my e-mail wouldn't tap in on my laptop. So I was trying to type a message with my BlackBerry which is the only thing that gets a signal during a race. And we're at the races A LOT.

Anyway, I had the autocorrect function turned on with the BlackBerry and didn't realize until after I sent the message to my editor that I had mispelled "Assistant" in a cover letter. So the autocorrect changed it, unbenownst to me...until I reread the "sent" version.

I was HORRIFIED to notice that what I typed said:

Editor's Name
"Editorial Assassin"
Publishing House


I couldn't have been more mortified.

I really think I have a form of dyslexia that won't allow me to see typos until after they are mailed or e-mailed.


Thankfully, the editor has a great sense of humor and laughed off the mistake. Althouth she does very nicely kill off my unnecessary words...I don't quite think she deserved to be called an assassin.


Cheryl Wyatt


lynnrush said...

OH that darn auto-correct....

Glad she had a sense of humor, though.


Jessica said...


Pamela J said...

I have to agree, I'd be HORRIFIED too. We talked today about being thankful in all things and that is something to be very thankful for and that is an editor with a giggle bone to use in times such as these.