Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday-Borrowed Prayers

I'm reformatting my blog posts and dropping down to three to four a week rather than seven a week. That way I don't lose readership for the folks who are subscribed by Feedblitz and also so I can continue to consistently blog even while under deadline. Blogger has this awesome new feature that allows you to schedule previously written blog posts. I love it. Cutting back will also enable me to be able to comment on your comments more.

I do appreciate each of you and am thankful for your readership. For that reason, I'm devoting my Borrowed Prayers (previously on on Wednesdays) to faithful blog and book readers.

Father, thank you SO much for the privilege of being able to write. Thank you SO much for these people who take time out of their day to read my books and or blog posts. I lift each of them up to you today and ask you to bless them. I pray you would let them know how much they are appreciated by me, Lord. I know this writing gift is from you. I pray you would bless them with the desires of their hearts that are your perfect will for them. Many are still waiting for promises that you've made them to come to pass. Help them to believe. Help them to hope. Help them to persevere through the hard seasons and cling to you like a warm coat in harsh, winter wind. Help them to enjoy the seasons where struggle is light and life is as bright as summer's sun. Bless their families. Give them a strong sense of your presence as you draw near to them today. Let them know how real you are and how much they are loved. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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