Thursday, August 14, 2008

BLUSH & CRINGE--Batteries and Band-Aids

I had surgery Tuesday to remove the pins from my right foot. I had general anesthesia during and pain meds afterward. I also had to have Benadryl and Narcan because of an allergic reaction. So between all those drugs, I was pretty groggy and loopy when I came out of surgery.

On the way home, I was still groggy since it was a same-day surgery.

My poor husband had to listen to me ARGUE all the way home over something so stupid. I basically kept insisting that he had to run through the pharmacy drive through and pick up the batteries for my foot.

The convo (which went on for around twelve miles) went something like this...only longer as I argued the point.

"Don't forget the batteries when you fill my subscription."
"You mean prescription?"
"Yes, yes. My pain med prescription and the batteries."
"For what?"
"The doctor said I need them for my foot."
"So don't forget them. The big ones."
"Big what?"
"Batteries. For my foot. I need the batteries for my foot."
"You're not making sense."
"Yes, I'm telling you he said I need batteries for my foot."
Husband gives a strange look. "Why batteries?"
"Batteries? Like, what size?"
"Yes. Big ones. The big kind with no Latex."
"Batteries? Go back to sleep."
"No. You'll forget the batteries."
"You don't need batteries. I never heard him mention batteries and you're not making sense."
"Yes! Yes, the doctor said I have to have batteries in my foot after five days."
Husband laughs. "No. He said you have to have Band-aids after five days."

Oh....the joy of anesthesia.

Cheryl Wyatt-embarrassed but laughing


Ausjenny said...

Cheryl I have to laugh with you. Im glad you worked out what was needed.
You have some good ideas to call on when writing. (looking forward to this in a future book) I have been wondering how you were doing.

Vader's Mom said...

You are having one hum-dinger of a week!!