Thursday, August 21, 2008

Announcing July's Prompt Winner--Anita Draper

Huge congrats going out to Anita July Prompt Contest winner.

All of the stories this month were riveting and I found it very hard to choose a winner. But Anita's story and characters stuck with me. I hope she will stretch the scene out into a full length short story or even a book length novel.

Visit Anita's blog and tell her "Congrats!"

Anita's Blog

Or click the header link above to get to Anita's blog.

There's one more week to get August's prompt in! Wow..the months are flying by!



1 comment:

Anita Mae said...

Thank you Cheryl.

I love entering your prompt contests. They always make me think about the words and how they work and not just the plot and characters.

At least once in every prompt contest, I'll find myself in the dictionary or thesaurus confirming a word I thought I knew. :-)

Only a week left to enter August's prompt? Yikes...