Wednesday, August 13, 2008


My hubby and I went on a date a few Saturday nights prior to my wreck in April. We normally go out to eat first then watch a movie, but we were running behind so we decided to hit the movies first.

I was so immersed in polishing my ms in prep to send it off that I forgot to eat that day. I'm serious...not until I got low-bloodsugar-shaky did I realize I hadn't eaten and here it was 4:30pm. So I munched on a raw turnip and had a few nibbles of a Pecan Spinwheel with a cup of coffee. Bad move. Not used to the sugar, eating the sweet roll WITH A TURNIP on a virtually empty stomach made me I didn't eat anything else.

By the time we got to the theatre, it was nearly seven-thirty and I was HUNGRY. I saw the daughter of a couple we're friends with and went across the lobby to chat with her.

Then I rejoined my husband at the concession stand. He was at the register, so I assumed the tub of popcorn and soda sitting there was ours.

He. He. He.

I reach over, scoop a handful and toss it in my mouth then reach for the soda.


I turn around...and a woman with her two children (who are giving me REALLY disgusted looks) snatch the sodas....and yes...the tub of popcorn and walk off.

Whoops. They'd just come up to get a refill. And I'd taken liberty to just plow my hands into their popcorn and eat it like it's completely normal for people to eat other people's food without their permission.

Ya know...I'm REALLY glad I didn't reach for that soda first. Yuck.

Did my husband comfort me in my scorn?

Nope. He stood there, dying laughing. And so did the register clerk.

But then dear hubby bought me my very own tub of it's all good.

Cheryl "Popcorn-thief" Wyatt


Ausjenny said...

Oh my remind me if we go to the movies to what the food!!!!!!!!!!
(i wont have the popcorn so I may be safe dont like it)
I would be with your hubby laughing im sorry. thanks for the laugh today has been really bad for us.

Vader's Mom said...

Oh no!!! That's so awful it's funny!!! (This will work its way into a book, want it?)

Wesfan said...

My husband would laugh at me too. :)