Monday, June 09, 2008

Want a little whine with that cheese?

Okay...I'm bummed.

My statcounter says I'm getting several thousand legit hits a week (sometimes 1000 in a day!) on this blog.

AND NO ONE IS TALKING. Well hardly. Just a few of us.

So....from here on out...let's make this an interactive blog.

I recently had a live chat on the ACFW Bookclub chatroom and had an absolute blast.

So from here on out, this will be an interactive blog. You comment and I'll check in and comment back and answer questions.

I feel lonely talking all by myself.

Speak up y'all! I know you're there.

Ready...set...don't by shy....DELURK! :-)

The rest of you, who faithfully comment...THANK YOU! Your readership is a tremendous blessing!!!!



Amy said...

Can I have your stats? I'd love 1000 unique visits in a day! :)

I use google reader and don't click through often enough on any blog, but I'm definitely reading...when's the next book?

Ausjenny said...

i must be one of the many cos i tend to drop in a few times a day.
exspecially on saturdays. Oh psych has a fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eileen Astels Watson said...

You have fans, GIRL! Awesome stats.

Hope Chastain said...

I haven't been by nearly enough. I have about 1000 + hits total on my blog, and no idea how many on my blogger blog. Of course, it helps actually to POST something daily, which I don't! *blush*
Congratulations on those stats!