Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Cat Chronicals-Psych Saturday

Hey people,

My news...rump still in a cast thanks to expert swords-things of the feathery sort. So I've made a New Week Resolution...I'm NOT going to be terrorizing birds any time soon. I have learned my lesson.

I've decided to terrorize fish instead.


The PJs just got back from a successful mission. Did they rescue a pilot who ended up down behind enemy lines? Or was it a more humanitarian mission, oh say, helping to rescue flood victims from the overflowing Mississippi?

Both actually. Sometimes the best way to rescue someone from the pitch of their roof when water's lapping their ankles and they're standing on the highest point, is to hover a helicopter there and hoist extract them. Very dangerous for the rescuer, but sometimes the only hope for those in need of rescue.

Would you be willing to risk your life to save someone else?

Do you know a rescuer? Honor them by telling us about them in the comments section.

The PJs live by the same creed as the Coast Guard....they risk their lives so others may live.

On a serious note, pray for the rescuers of today. Firemen, PJs, Coast Guard, and the list goes on and on. Pray for our deployed troops as well, because in Iraq this week, it is 120 something degrees and our soldiers are there defending your freedom. Pray for them and their families who've sacrificed them for the good of mankind. Tough on a family, especially pray for the wives and children of those deployed.

Yeah...yeah...I'm a sappy cat today...but hey...we can't be sarcastic all the time.

True to me though, here's the picture of my next victim....not gonna eat it. Just, freak it out a little by watching it swim in the little tank.


Until next week...


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