Saturday, June 21, 2008

Psych Saturday-The Cat Chronicals


What may you ask, is that?

Cheryl Wyatt plunking out her deadline novel...which is why she's been MIA from posting. BUT, hey, you have ME here today to bring you up to speed on the latest happenings in Refuge-the fictional town in her Wings of Refuge Series from Love Inspired.

Do you know how much I hate robins? Not Cheryl's friend Robin Miller. I'm talking about robins of the feathered variety.

Do you also know that I have a bandage on my butt?

Yes. It's true. A troop of militia-minded birds caught me stalking starlings by the birdhouse.....

and they launched a full scale attack....

Do you know how many robins speared my rump yesterday before I could skitter away to cover beneath said birdbath?

So anywho, that's my catty news for the day.

Here's the latest from Refuge:

Javier and Enrique are regularly tandem jumping. Not with each other of course. But with the PJ dudes. Not dudes wearing pajamas either. PJs are Pararescue Jumpers and Cheryl is featuring an entire team of them in her Wings of Refuge Series.

I think Javier is sweet on Enrique's sister. They keep making googly eyes at one another when they think their moms aren't looking. Hmmm...we will see how this pans out. Apparently Javier told PJ Manny, his step dad, that he wasn't going to focus on getting girls...but on getting a career. More on that as the story develops.

Bradley had a cancer check. He's still in remission! Looks like the bone marrow transplant was successful! That's great news all the way around.

Dean and Millie eloped. Just like that. No warning. No one knows if they went to Vegas or what, but Joel has a new stepmother...or step aunt...or whatever she'd be to him. Confused? Read A Soldier's Promise to find out.

That's all for this week.

C U Next week.

Same time. Same place.



Ausjenny said...

oh Psych im so sorry about those nasty robins. I hope Cecilia is taking good care of you. Thanks for the update.
I also hope you are not really in the birdcage with a bird on top!

Hope Chastain said...


Stealth, buddy. Stealth. You have built-in camo, unlike me. Use it! (And watch out for eagles and vultures.)


Hope Chastain said...


Robins actually taste better than starlings, if you can catch one off-guard...