Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Big thanks going out to American Christian Fiction Writers' publicity officer, Cara Putman, for compiling this list.

6/11/2008 Chip MacGregor
6/11/2008 Cara Putman
6/12/2008 Pamela James
6/12/2008 Wanda Dyson
6/13/2008 Ane Mulligan
6/13/2008 Jennifer AlLee
6/16/2008 Christina Nelson
6/16/2008 Robin Miller
6/17/2008 Annette Irby
6/18/2008 Sharon Hinck
6/18/2008 Martha Rogers
6/19/2008 Susan May Warren
6/20/2008 Camy Tang
6/23/2008 Ronie Kendig
6/23/2008 Deb Raney
6/24/2008 Colleen Coble
6/25/2008 Rachel Hauck
6/26/2008 Brandilyn Collins
6/26/2008 Cathy West
6/27/2008 Jill Elizabeth Nelson
6/28/2008 Gail Gaymer Martin
6/28/2008 Eileen Watson
6/30/2008 Lynette Sowell
6/30/2008 Sue Brower
6/30/2008 Julie Carobini
7/1/2008 Mary Connealy
7/1/2008 Gina Conroy
7/1/2008 Steve Laube
7/2/2008 Rachelle Gardner
7/2/2008 Lena Nelson Dooley
7/3/2008 Linda Fulkerson
7/4/2008 Terry Burns
7/4/2008 Rebecca Yauger
7/7/2008 Carla Stewart
7/7/2008 Susan Downs
7/9/2008 Leanna Ellis
7/9/2008 Rebecca Germany
7/9/2008 Rose McCauley
7/10/2008 Sharon Dunn
7/11/2008 Pam Meyers
7/11/2008 JoAnne Simmons
7/14/2008 Celia Tomer
7/14/2008 Janice Olson
7/15/2008 Angie Bredenbach
7/15/2008 Cheryl Wyatt
7/16/2008 Christina Berry
7/17/2008 Roxanne Rustad
7/18/2008 Margaret Daley;
7/18/2008 Margaret Daley
7/22/2008 Pam Hillman
7/28/2008 Virginia Smith
7/30/2008 Cara Putman
8/1/2008 Christa Allen
8/3/2008 Deborah Vogts
8/4/2008 Michelle Sutton
8/6/2008 Tiff Stockton

Drop by these as you can! And drop by here on 7/15/2008 for my contribution for this tour to help promote the ACFW conference.

Until then, let me know what kinds of questions you have about the ACFW conference.


Cheryl Wyatt

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Anita Mae said...

Hey, thanks Cheryl. This will be my first conf and I've been struggling b/c there are so many decisions to make before registering.

I had just asked the question about editor/agent appts on the eharl SH thread and now I see Chip is blogging about it. Yes, I've hurried over and queried him already.

Should I admit that I go to your blog more than the ACFW's site? (Anita places her index finger against her lips and makes a shhhing sound.)