Saturday, June 14, 2008

Psych Saturday-The Cat Chronicals

Howdy doody dudes.

I spent the weekend at Amber's pond. Remember her? She's the heroine of this blog owner's debut novel.

Cheryl is MIA at MIS this weekend... Michigan International Speedway. SO while she's been surrounded by all kinds of campers and fast cars zooming around a two mile track at speeds that make my eyes cross, I've been prancing around the banks of a pond, scaring all the minnows. He he. Terrorizing fish is much more fun that terrorizing birds. Except I got my paw wet which put me in a bad mood.

AND...Celia forgot my tuna. But I have the perfect retaliation. Soon as she lets me out of that pet carrier I'm gonna slip past her we say fertilize her flower gardens?

Okay, 'nuff of that.

Here's the latest, greatest Refuge news:

Enrique told Javier that he wants to join the Air Force with him. Both teens are trying to gather the nerve to tell Trina Pallazio, Enrique's mom. She's been sober since befriending Celia, the woman her ex-husband widowed in a drug bust. Celia's husband was a cop. If this isn't sounding familiar, then chances are you haven't read Cheryl Wyatt's second book, A Soldier's Family.

You can still purchase it at any online book store.

Joel and Amber are moving forward with plans to adopt international orphans. Yes, that's plural. They don't want siblings to have to be separated, so they're looking for a set and praying God leads them to the right ones. Bradley is excited to be getting siblings. Of course, don't expect him to share the good game remote.

Celia and Manny are looking into fostering troubled teens.

Dale and Millie have set a date. They're getting hitched for sure. Love can happen at any age, folks.

More news next week.

Until then....enjoy the pic. But just know that if anything looking like that shows up at my pad, its corneas are gonna get slashed. No woofers allowed. Celia has enough fur to deal with and she's not all that keen on vacuuming. Plus, one of those could turn me into a snack and, well, who else would keep you up to date on the happenings in Refuge, the fictional setting for Cheryl Wyatt's Wings of Refuge Series from Steeple Hill Love Inspired?


Psych the cat


Ausjenny said...

Hey pshyc I missed you. I agree with the woofer we dont need them!
thanks for the update and im sorry about the tuna. (want to come to australia!) I love reading your posts. oh too bad about the wet paw but i bet it was fun till then.

Hope Chastain said...

Psych, you think you got it bad...? Try being a Free Cat in this neck of the woods. I mean, it isn't every day the wind blows a tree down so I can climb up starting at the top to make it easy to reach the birds, but when it does, it's my catly perogative to climb it, wouldn't you agree? So what if it's over one of those lines the birds sit on all the time? But do I get any respect? No! I waited until later in the day, so nobody in the house would see me, and then I started climbing up the top toward the line. I don't get halfway there before the human with the big hair yanks open a window and yells "SCAT!" at me. I mean, really, scat??? Who says that any more? It offends my dignity. She didn't frighten me, of course, but I didn't feel like getting into a skirmish over it, so I got back down. I heard her mention something about "fried cat." That's just silly. People don't fry cats. (Do they?)

Catch you later.
(Big Hair calls me that because I have elegant white fur. I prefer Snow, myself)

Cheryl Wyatt said...

Ghost! Cool that another feline-sort sashayed by!

Aus, good to know someone else agrees about the woofers. And yeah..when Cheryl comes to Australia to go to a Cricket match with you...I'll sneak myself in her carry-on. :-)