Sunday, June 01, 2008

Psych Saturday-One day late!


Kay's the deal...

I know the second edition of The Cat Chronicles is a day late but...I have a good excuse:

Hailstorm knocked the power out

So, without further ado, here's this edition of The Cat Chronicles...your best news source ladies, gents and furry creatures of all kinds...for the newest goings on in Refuge.

If you haven't ordered Cheryl Wyatt's (the human owner of this blog) first two books in Wings of Refuge (A Soldier's Promise and A Soldier's Family) they're still available on SteepleHill
Barnes and Noble
Borders and all other online booksellers.

***Bradley lost a tooth yesterday. Which wouldn't be that big of a news deal except for the fact that the kid got so excited he swallowed it.

Psych's Editor note: if humans would start politely lapping their food from floor-bowls like us socially-mannered cats instead of jabbing the insides of their uncivalized mouths repeatedly three to six times a day with sharp metal-pronged instruments, maybe their teeth would stop falling out.
***Joel's pararescue team is officially settled in Refuge. Most of the guys are staying at Refuge's sprawling Victorian Bed and Breakfast. It's located on Mustang Lane (yes, rightly named after Joel's wife Amber who crashed into it with a car.)

Editor's Note from Psych on that: If humans would just walk on all fours like we do, maybe these collision things wouldn't happen.
I've heard rumors that a local police officer has his sites set on Trina Palazzio. If you have read A Soldier's Family, you know what semi-shocking news this is. Of course, he's a new guy on the force and just moved from the police academy. So he might not know Trina's family history.....yet. Will he still be interested once he learns?

Psych's Editor note: And yes, he is bound to find out. I'll tell you about the gossip tree next week.
Javier's friend Enrique has been leached to the PJs like crazy. Rumor has it he has been watching the Pararescue Recruitment Videos and drooling all the while. Manny asked him to go tandem diving...but Trina (his mom) is not so sure she's ready to let him try. Celia (Javier's mom and heroine for A Soldier's Family) is reportedly trying to (miracle!) talk her into it.

Psych Editor note: That way they can freak out together.
***For those of you who've been writing the blog owner, asking if there will be more PJ stories...a big, furry Meaw-YES!

Pararescuers Ben Dillinger, Nolan Briggs and Aaron Petrowski all have stories slotted to release from Steeple Hill publishers in 2009. If you would like reminders, join Cheryl Wyatt's newsletter on her Web site and input your e-mail address in the space provided that says, "Join Cheryl Wyatt's Author Mailing List". She respects your privacy and will not share your e-mail address with anyone.
That's about it for this week...tune in next week for more news...
Oh...and if you have questions about the books....let me know and I'll try to dig up the scoop.
I'm going to add some pictures of my animal buddies here to The Cat Chronicals each week. They're sure to make you go, "Awwwww...." or bring a chuckle. (Whatever that is. I think it makes humans sound like they're trying to hack up furr balls with no success...but hey, that's just me.)

Until next week...Psych


Ausjenny said...

Oh Phych thanks for hte update. you know i really wish you could move to australia!

Eileen Astels Watson said...

Love the pic, Cheryl! Psych is one hilarious feline.