Thursday, April 03, 2008

Prehistoric Blush and Cringe


Every single member of American Christian Fiction Writers ACFW now knows I'm suffering from PMS (Prehistoric Monster Syndrome) this week, thanks to the fact that I sent a very soul-baring prayer plea to THE WRONG E-MAIL ADDRESS yesterday. Not only that, I'd mentioned in the request that I needed prayer for my speech because I couldn't stop being mean to my husband. (Anyone read Celia in A Soldier's Family? Yeah...she's a lot like me in the mouth department.)

On the upside...I had about 115 people e-mail me within an hour, telling me they were lifting me and my granny Veda and my neice Bridget up in prayer. :-)

Today I can finally laugh about it.

Of course, when I tearfully told my husband that thousands of people now know how mean to him I've been this week...he jerked forward, spewed Dr. Pepper all over the coffee table....and laughed his head off for the next twenty minutes.

Uh..maybe he feels vindicated...ya think?


What else is there to do besides laugh?


Cheryl aka Chief Red Cheeks


Jessica said...

oh my gosh! That's too funny.

Myra Johnson said...

The Lord works in mysterious ways ...

Hugs, girlfriend!