Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I'm holding a contest in a couple of months where I'll be giving away either a Sony Reader, an iPod. I thought about giving away an Alphasmart before, but I'm trying to have a prize that appeals to readers, writers and non-writers alike.
So let's have a vote.
Would you prefer the newest iPod, or a Sony Reader?
Don't know what a Sony Reader is? It's a digital book reader.
Check out this site for more info.
And the link for eBooks:
Please leave a comment, or an e-mail letting me know which you'd prefer.

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Pattie said...

LOL I'd like an Alphasmart, but I'm a reader! I guess I'd prefer the iPod.

Patricia W. said...

I probably should say Sony Reader but the truth is I'd prefer the IPod, especially with Sony's proprietary format which may not be around much longer.

Shauna said...

Never heard of a Sony Reader, but on an Ipod, you can download e-books, movies, music, pictures. That's my vote.

C. Gwynn said...

My vote is a Sony Reader.

Robin Caroll said...

Uh, the Ipod because I need one! LOL

Pam Hillman said...

Me too! Ipod! lol

Tina M. Radcliffe said...

iPod,iPod, iPod!!!

What fun.

Re: Patricia's comment. I know I hate that Sony does that to your computer.

ScrollSquirrel said...

Okay, so it seems most of you are leaning toward the iPod?

Come on lurkers...speak up. LOL!

Of course, if you enter and win, I might think about giving the option of an Alphasmart, iPod or Sony Reader.

Patricia brought up a good point about the Sony deal with it doing strange things to your computer.

Something to consider when choosing.

Thanks for your input guys. Tell your friends about this survey if you don't mind. And look for the contest announcement soon.

In fact, I'm only going to offer the contest through and to my newletter subscribers. If you'd like to sign up now for the newsletter, visit my Website www.CherylWyatt.com. There is a link on the first page where you can sign up for my newsletter. I do not release, give or sell e-mail addresses to anyone.