Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Robin Caroll's first book in her Bayou series will be hitting the shelves ANY DAY NOW!

Robin also writes for Steeple Hill. She's sold four books now to Steeple Hill Suspense, all in this series.

So I hope you will order her book or pick it up anywhere books are sold.

Her work has gotten rave reviews from top places like Romantic Times Magazine, etc.

She is an outstanding writer and a wonderful friend and I feel like I'm telling the world about my new niece or nephew being born as I'm posting this.

I'm so thrilled for her. We've cried over rejections together on the phone, and we've celebrated our finally contracting our books. I count it a blessing that I got to be on the phone with her the very moment her debut novel arrived at her home. She sqeaked! Then was utterly speechless except for sniffling...and I was shrieking and crying! LOL! I hope she gets to be on the phone with me when my books arrive. Or maybe not....I may blow her eardrums out. LOL!

Check out Robin's site here! She has a contest going on right now for a cajun basket giveaway!


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Robin Caroll said...

And wait til your readers see your cover! Oh's cry time all over again! :D