Saturday, August 13, 2005


Most of you know I write Inspirational Military Romance. If you didn't, you do now. So I have a special place in my heart for those willing to sacrifice for freedom.

I listened to a few of the newly released World Trade Center tapes yesterday. I also read some of the first hand paramedic, EMT, and firefighter accounts of that day. I can tell you it really helped me get over my niggling frustration with our troops still being in Iraq.

I'm not ashamed to say I love our President and think he's a great man of God. Still I had questions in the back of my mind like, "will this war really make a difference in the face of history? Or when we pull our troops out of there, will things just go back the way they were?"

This is my blog, and I'll always be honest. You may agree with me, you may not. But one thing I think we've lost sight of in all of the anti-war media: evil men chose to infiltrate our country for the sole purpose of planning and exacting those attacks. They came on our turf and started this fight. They killed thousands upon thousands in a matter of minutes then rejoiced over it. Children lost fathers and mothers. Wives and husbands, girlfriends & boyfriends lost the loves of their lives. Fathers and mothers lost children. Not to mention cousins, aunts, uncles, coworkers, friends.

It affected every single person in our country emotionally. So as you sit in your easy chair annoyed because one more American soldier died today, I ask you to do three things. Pray for our troops and allied forces. Pray against the evil that delights in terror.

And remember.



Remember the lives lost when those planes blew through those towers. Remember the horror of that black, gaping hole right before the buildings collapsed, taking all life with them. Remember the people who had to choose whether to burn to death or jump. Remember people running for their lives from the wall of toxic ash. Remember the broken Pentagon. Remember the passengers who died while thwarting the plane that didn't make it's mark.

Remember why our soldiers are over there. For freedom. For those who died. For those who have to live life missing their loved ones.


Since today is Sunday, here's my prayer. Borrow as you wish.


Lord, help us to stay the course of our purpose on this earth. First and foremost that is to love you with all of our hearts, souls, minds, and strength. Show us what this means exactly. Give us unquenchable desire for you. Be with our soldiers and the allied soldiers. Please help them catch the terrorist leaders like Osama Bin Laden and the others still at large. Take down in other realms the instigators of terror, Lord. Show them who's God. Protect our troops. Give grace to the loved ones. Bless their sacrifice. Bless the little children. Draw those people to yourself. You are Truth, and bless the warriors who've left their homeland to chase this terror because they know freedom is worth fighting for. When they get discouraged or homesick, be with them. Draw near to them. Grant strength emotionally, physically, spiritually. Help them remember why they're there. Help them remember. In Jesus' name. Let it be.

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