Saturday, August 13, 2005


The fact that I thought today was Sunday instead of Saturday down there. So oh well, it's my post and I can cry if I want to, cry if I want to, cry if I want to.........

So tomorrow, the REAL Sunday, I'll do LIFE WITH GOD....which, according to my obsessive compulsive schedule....was supposed to happen today.

I'll do a verse tomorrow, too. In fact, I'm chewing on one right now that I heard in church tonight.

Got to see some dear, dear friends who left to go on a church plant elsewhere in the US. I can really understand in the Bible when Paul and the others said things such as, "my heart longs to be with you again, but I must go where God tells me, and you must go where God sends you...." type scriptures. Man, the heartache. I miss them so badly. That's all part of the alluring hope of Heaven though. There will be no more separation or painful losses there. No such thing as missing because (hopefully...if you've asked Jesus to be your God and meant it for life) there will be no more goodbyes and we'll all be together forever. I think the worst part of Hell is going to be the eternal separation from God. No way back once that bridge is burned. It rips my heart and guts out to think of my friends and family not being there with me. Or my children. Biggest prayer of my life, biggest desire of my heart...if I could ask you to do anything, it would be to BE THERE. Please be there. Jesus is the only way. He loves us and have himself up to give us the chance. And like we want to be with our loved ones, we are his loved ones, you, me, the person next to you, and he longs for us to be with Him.

Thank you, Jesus.

Whatever comes, don't let us run....away. Hold us forever. I love you.

Cheryl "Squirrel" Wyatt

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