Monday, August 15, 2005


To hear my agent's (that feels awesome rolling off my tongue!!!) thoughts on the proposal I sent her. When she's satisfied with it, she'll mail it on the the acquisitions editor who requested it.

Didn't final in the Maggie and desperately wanted to for personal reasons. Didn't final in Lone Star and wanted to because that was one of the contests I came in last when I began entering. It will interest me to see if I moved up in the que though. One thing's for sure...I have no possibility of moving down since I came in dead last! ROFL!

However, I am one of three Noble Theme finalists in teh Contemporary Romance category (did I tell you this already?) for ACFW's contest. Winner will be announced at the conference in September. I'm very sad for my friends who didn't make the cut. It convinces me all the more that contests are SO subjective. But one thing not finaling is good for is preparing writers for editor and agent rejection. Persistance is key in this industry. I can't think of a single author I know who didn't go through a season of rejection either before selling or afterwards. It's just something we all have to go through. I don't know why I was so naieve as to think I would be an exception to that. I know it wasn't because of pride because I didn't know any better. So ignorance of the system was probably why I assumed that. Plus the fact that a lot of writers don't talk about or share their rejections until you get to know them.

I'm praying about who to meet with at that conference as far as editors. I can't really pitch to a SH editor since I already have a story with them. So I'm thinking about getting an appt with an editor who only takes proposals/submissions from agented or previously published person, or from folks who've attended conferences. Don't need an agent appt. unless mine plans on attending and wants to meet with me. She's awesome, and did I mention I love her books? You can obtain them at Walmart, K-mart, and Target in the inspirational section under the Heartson Presents. Or get them from Amazon. To see her new or upcoming releases, go to and you'll see the titles and covers of her books there.

Nothing else new in the way of announcements except I am now agented. YEEEE!

Also, I clicked the blogger button that said, "Next blog" and read one girl. She was from St. Louis County, and her blog was chemical something. Now I can't find that blog. She posted that she might close the blog bc she thinks no one's reading it. I wanted to tell her I'm reading it. Hopefully I can find it again in this huge blogosphere.



Pammer said...

Thank you.

Love the pics! You look so young.


Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Lots of us are waiting alongside you to hear you get good news, Squirly. You deserve to get your break today. (To paraphrase Mickey D's)


Anonymous said...

Pammer, you're right. She looks like she's 18, all glowy and cute. I'm jealous.

Anonymous said...

Pammer, you're right. She looks like she's 18, all glowy and cute. I'm jealous.