Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Okay. Okay. So I fell off the proverbial blog wagon. I've been enjoying my company. But now it's back to blogging faithfully.

Did an interview today for a Canadian reporter about Steeple Hill Suspense. It wasn't painful or life threatening and was actually kind of fun. I didn't get hives or even chicken pox from it.

He asked me how I was. Asked me my age. Asked if I was a housewife. I resisted the urge to say, "No sir, I'm a human wife." **Snicker** I told him and he said, "Yeah. You're just the age of those who typically read romantic suspense." Okay. So the interview was uneventful up to that point.

He asked me which books I've read in the romantic suspense line. I told him. He then commented he was reading one of the ones I'd read. He asked me what I particularly liked about them. I said the ones I'd read so far had grabbed my attention from page one and held my attention all the way through. I said I thought they were character-driven which I liked. I like the category length because I could get through the books faster. Small enough to take them in my purse to appointments, etc. I said the characters so far seemed real to me, and that I found myself thinking about them long after the story was over. He didn't veer into theological questions really. He did ask whether I enjoyed the fact that the characters were Christians. I said I enjoyed that since I am a Christian but that I also enjoy books where the characters aren't Christian. I told him I read a wide variety of suspense and find the quality of the Steeple Hill books the same as secular ones.

Tangeant: I have family members and friends who, for some reason, are under the impression that Christian fiction isn't the same calibur as secular fiction. So I ask them, "When's the last time you actually read Christian fiction?" Most say over ten years. Sheesh. Well no wonder. So I say, "You need to read some. I think it would change your mind." Anyway, back to the interview, I told him I found the quality of the writing to be the same calibur as secular suspense and I read the books because they are suspense and not because they are Christian. Although I do like the fact that I can recommend SH books to my teen and preteen nieces who enjoy romance without having to be concerned with the content or covers. I told him I read for escape and entertainment and SHS does that for me.

I said I like the plots of the books I've read so far because they had interesting twists and were unpredictable. I don't like predictable suspense(personal pet peeve) and I haven't personally found that in the SHS. It kept me guessing and reading. He asked me what I thought about the endings. I said, they were satisfying. I tend to like action/adventure suspense more than murder/mystery/mayhem type suspense, but the mystery elements in the SHS so far have impressed me and I'd highly recommend books.

I said the books haven't disappointed me so far and I was really glad they decided to launch a suspense line because I'd really enjoyed Love Inspired's Faith on the Line series. I think that was about it. I'll blog more if I remember any more. It was relatively painless. He said he's a wire reporter and that several publications would probably pick up the article. I'm assuming that means newspapers and maybe even magazines. Cool, eh?

Oh and the coolest part...I think one of the editors recommended me to the publicist. I go by Squirl (mispelling intentional) on the SH message boards. I think it's awesome that the editors are aware of the frequent posters. Okay, well I stalk people around the boards, but hey...it's fun.

I love the eharlequin community. So if you're ever down and need a great laugh, or a lump of sincere encouragement, visit www.Steeplehill.com Go to the bottom of the main page and click "Talk" Then find the Steeple Hill thread and you'll find me and my friends skittering around there. I've met some of my closest friends through those boards, including my very special author mentor. (Hi Margaret!)

A lot of authors hang out there regularly and I've grown so much in craft because of them. It's a great place to hang out, learn, laugh, make friends, and great connections if you're an aspiring writer. Even if you're a reader or published author, you'll fit right in. Even the editors pop in and post once in awhile. You can also purchase books online from the link I gave you up there. There are also writing helps and articles, and submission guidelines for every Harlequin/sillhouette/etc/ line. It's a well spring of opportunity, information, with potential to make life-long friends and do valuable networking.

Do check it out. Drop by, say "Hey" at least.



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