Saturday, August 13, 2005


Okay, so I admit I pirated that term from my dear friend Danica. When her husband does something not to her liking, his name is not "dear" or "Randy" or "Hubby," it's "That Man."

Since I find great humor in that, I'm glad my snickering husband got to hear me refer to him that way. Just now. Three seconds ago.

As I was posting that last blog entry, he walks past the puter, stops, reads the caption to my blog, "Squirrel's Treehouse," and proceedes to snicker and say, "Shouldn't that be called Squirrel's Nuthouse?"

"THAT MAN!" Thanx Dream, I feel better.

OH....Oh!!! And do you know my man has a mistress? Dream has a mistress. It's her computer. When her husband tries to touch it, she says, "are you fondling my mistress again?"

Since my husband was present when that was said, the next time I pick up the phone, I can probably expect to hear, "Are you feeling my mistress up again?" Yes. My husband's mistress is the phone. Oh..and something else....he has more than one. Yes, at the same time. I'm serious. He'll be talking on the home phone (mistress #1) then when his cell phone rings, he talks to that person with his other mistress...cell phone (AKA Mistress # 2)

I might be a nut, but at least I'm screwed onto the right bolt. Plus, I rest my case that living with him would send anyone teetering over the edge of sanity.

Squirl---who really does love her man.


Danica said...


Okay, I must tell you the mistress story. DH is a gadget guy. So our first laptop was purchased prior to my discovering the web, and deciding to become a published author. For years, That Man brought the laptop to bed with him and piddled on it all night long. Have no idea what he did on it, don't want to know. So I called it his mistress.

Fast forward a few years, Dh buys me my own laptop, and it is christened "The Mistress" because I spend all my time on it. Dh is no longer attached to his laptop, but his phone. So he still has a mistress, and frankly, he fondles it more than I play with my mistress.

Remember how we laughed at our men at the conference because their cell phones seemed to be attached to them at all times. I'm telling you, it's a very sick addiction. Driving down the road, chatting about stuff, and all of a sudden, in the middle of a sentence, he grabs his phone and calls someone out of the blue. He can't help himself.

ScrollSquirrel said...

OMG!!!! DH Does the same thing!!!! Right when I think I have his undivided attention...enxt thing I know, he's talking...and not to me. That..that...THING is attached to his ear again. I'm like, GRRRRRR!!!!! GETOFFTHEPHONE!!!!!!!!!!!! ROFL.