Thursday, March 24, 2005


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One morning after my charges were staying the night at gramma's, I came back from a physical therapy appointment to discover my husband was sleeping in. I realized my running shoes were in the bedroom where he was and I needed them. (Not because I'd planned to run, mind you. They were the only one of ten pair of tennis shoes I own that matched the new hot pink and black workout suit I wanted to wear to town. Joy over getting to go shopping without an army of children alternately fighting over and clinging to an innocent shopping cart made me giddy. Not wanting to wake him, but desperately needing those shoes, I tippy-toed in and crawled around the floor in the dark for ten minutes, nearly holding my breath the entire time. I crawled around the entire span of my bedroom carpet. I crawled around inside the closet, and finally crawled back out the bedroom door to get my book light. I went back in, on the shoe-finding mission. The lump in the bed had not moved so I thought I was good to go with the all important search. Carefully, I commando-crawled under his side of the bed and saw two lumps, suspicially resembling my shoes. I clicked the penlight off, grabbed the shoes and backwards crawled out the bedroom door, closed it quietly and carefully. Then I sat in the darkened hallway and put those shoes on in the dark. I get in my car, drive to town, and it wasn't until I was in the grocery store line that I realize people are staring at me. Correction: Not me. At my shoes. I look down and gasped. One was blue, silver and white. The other was black and red. I go back home and I'm pulling in when my husband pulled in behind me. He got out and I said, "Did you have a good sleeping in this morning?" He looks at me wierd, looks at my shoes but doesn't bat an eye (which tells me nothing I do surprises him anymore) and he says, "What sleeping in? I was awake at five AM and left the house before you ever woke up."

Yep. I'd crawled around in the dark for nothing. I ran in, hiked down the hall in my mismatched shoes, flipped on the light and.....there was a handsome body pillow, right there, still sleeping soundly on my husband's side of the bed.

How great is the love the father has lavished on us... 1 John 3:1

Dear God, give me grace to endure my blessings, even when the flu plague hits my house and everyone in it is grumpy. It doesn't feel good to be called a Grumpy Bug. Infuse me with kindness no matter how I feel or what kind of day I'm having.

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Heather Diane Tipton said...

egads. traffic jam?? I hope you don't have any road rage type readers! ;-) LOL