Thursday, March 03, 2005

17 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only 17 more days left for my Prompt Contest Deadline. Get those entries in to me at by Mar. 20th.

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your father which is in Heaven. Matther 5:16
BORROWED PRAYERS: (Squirrel's prayers that she'd love for you to "borrow" as your own.)
Dear God, I don't think I know You very well, but I really want to. Help me to know that I don't have to fix myself up, clean myself up, or improve myself in any way before I come to You. You love me, and want me to come just as I am. Thank you for changing what we can't change in ourselves, and for seeing us as we shall be even though we aren't there yet.
At a grocery store, a checker called over the public in-store intercom for a "price check on a box of 36 count Tampax(tm)." A male grocery clerk misunderstood her, thinking she'd said "Thumbtacks," and replied over the intercom, "Is that the ones you push in with your thumb, or hit in with a hammer?" The entire store heard this exchange.
I now have a new format. Until further notice, I will no longer be doing a point system because doing them in that format was making me feel yucky.
Title: Eyes of Elisha
Author: Brandilyn Collins
ISBN: 0-310-23968-0
Pub: Zondervan
Blurb: Chelsea Adams has visions of a murder victim's last moments, but no one believes her-except the killer. Will Chelsea be next?
Review: Be prepared for your pulse to soar. If you read this when it's dark and you're alone--it will have you glancing over your shoulder. Brilliant plot twists and intriguing characters grab you from the start and don't let go. Excellent, engaging, nibble-your- fingernails read. One for the keeper shelves, Collins will render you breathless with this one.
Title: The Winter Pearl
Author: Molly Noble Bull
ISBN: 0-373-78529-1
Pub: Steeple Hill
Blurb: Honor McCall is on the run. The danger that stalks her carries a family face. Will a young minister, intent on rescuing Honor, find her before her cruel uncle does?
Review: An historical set in Colorado, late 1800's, Winter Pearl is a charming story that paints a beautiful portrait of redemption and forgiveness. I highly recommend this book to anyone with a family member struggling with alcoholism. Hope will wash over you with every page you turn. Sweet read.

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