Saturday, February 12, 2005

Its a Beat...or is it?

Did you catch it?

To its or not to it's.

When do you apostrophize it? (made up a new word..hehehehe)

When you're saying "it is" use the apostrophy.
It's fun in Squirrel's Treehouse.
Its a pleasure to have you here.

When "it" is possessive, do not add an apostrophy.
Its tail is bushy.
It's acorns are hidden.

That same friend of my husband's went to a bowling alley one day and thought he saw a friend from his church, so he sneaks up behind the guy and starts rubbing the back of his bald head...and saying, "rub the budha, rub the budha" until the guy turns around annoyed and it's not his friend but a stranger. Snicker.

A beat is a sentence of action placed before or after dialogue in the place of a tag.

Example of a sentence with a tag:
"Bessie? Bessie! I can't believe you ran my pick up truck into our best milk cow, " Farmer haystack yelled loudly to his wife.

Same sentence with a beat instead:
Farmer Haystack flung his old straw hat off and tromped around the dusty yard with his weathered hands chopping the air as he glared at his wife. "Bessie? Bessie! I can't believe you ran my pick up truck into our best milk cow."

"Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you." Psalms 63:3 NIV

Time is running out to enter my contest. Scroll back and see Kaylee's Bagel and come up with a scene. The best one wins their choice of a $5.00 gift certificate to Lifeway Christian stores or a new release from the Steeple Hill Women's fiction line.

Later Taters


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