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(1 rose) @->-- =Downright Disturbing. (Was the author conscious when they wrote the story?)
(2 roses) @->-- @->--= Dangerously Dissapointing. (Author is not writing up to their potential. )
(3 roses) @->-- @->-- @->-- = Delightfully engaging. (Great read.)
(4 roses) @->-- @->-- @->-- @->-- = Darn near perfect. (One for the keeper shelf, a can't-put-it-down-kind of book. )

BOOK: "Woven Hearts" Novella
Publisher: Barbour
Authors: Susan Downs, Cathy Marie Hake, Kelly Eileen Hake, Kathleen Paul
Genre: Inspirational Romantic Historical-Novella collection of four interwoven stories.

Set in Massachesetts, mid-1800's, four stories about a group of men with the last name of Steadman, and the women who weave their ways into these men's hearts.
Ribbon of Gold by Cathy Marie Hake: (Four Roses) @->-- @->-- @->-- @->--

Carter inherits a weaving mill and discovers the women are working under cruel conditions. He looks to Isabel Shaw, one of the weavers, for information and gets more than he bargained for as he falls in love with her.

This story is a "keep you up all night" kind. I fell in love with Cathy's characters from page one. The depth of emotion kept me rooting for these two to get together. Well-crafted scenes, delightful dialogue and careful attention to historical detail made me feel as if I lived in the weaving room with those women. Excellent read. Sweet story.
Run of the Mill by Susan Downs (Three Roses) @->-- @->-- @->--

Maxwell Steadman has a tiny problem with tradition: He doesn't think women should be placed in positions of authority over men. So why is he so strongly considering Kathleen McKenna to fill the overseer's post for his shipping company? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that she's smart, hardworking, honest, and kind. Kathleen soon realizes he thinks she's also qualified to fill the vacancy of "wife" in his life.

This story has strong conflict, especially Maxwell and his traditional views. Susan does a wonderful job showing his struggles without making him out to be a chouvinistic creep. He is a likeable character. Kathleen weaved her way into my heart as one of the most memorable heroines I've ever had the privelage of meeting in a story. This story will tug at your heartstrings and pull tight.
A Second Glance by Kathleen Paul (Three Roses) @->-- @->-- @->--

Ginger Finnegan, nearly blind and raised in an orphanage, doesn't think there's a man out there who would want her for a wife, but her heart won't seem to listen to reason when Lucas Steadman, a new, young doctor comes to town and gives her not only the gift of sight through special glasses, but his stubborn heart as well.

I had a hard time warming up to Lucas at first, but the rest of the story was so good, I kept reading. I'm glad I did because the rest was worth grinding my teeth over not being able to sympathize with the rude and aloof doctor. Kathleen masterfully redeems him and makes her heroine's dreams come true. This story is packed with emotional "umph" and there were some pretty tense moments when I didn't think everything would be alright. Good read.

The Caretaker by Kelly Eileen Hake (4 roses) @->-- @->-- @->-- @->--

Widow Amy Ross runs an orhpanage and has a heart as big as Massachesetts. As if she doesn't have enough trouble with her late husband's mother threatening to close the orphanage, rendering homeless the children she's grown to love, her new neighbor seem to be working against her as well. When he sees her true heart, Tyler Samuels fights for the orphanage. . .and Amy's heart and hand in marriage. There should be more *real* people in the world like this hero and heroine.

I kept reading the bio of this author, saying to myself, "no way is she this young, no way." Watch this one. Though she's young in years, she knows her craft and how to weave a wonderful, story with engaging characters and a hole-proof plot that will leave you inspired and longing to read more.

I highly recommend this book. Well worth your money.


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