Sunday, February 20, 2005


No, I didn't get published yet. I finally got a post to go through. For some reason, this blogger thingamajig kept bouncing my posts. Or maybe it was my computer acting up. Anyway, this month's contest has ended and the winner of the Kaylee's Bagel prompt is.........

(Drum roll please......)

Tracie P.!!!!!!!!!!


The winner will recieve their choice between one of the new releases from the Steeple Hill Women's Fiction books. Brand new. Deadline for entry is Mar. 20th, 2005. Winner announced by March 28th, 2005. Here's the prompt:

Write a 500 word or less scene involving these things:

A lost puppy.

A mysterious business owner who lives in a mansion at the end of a secluded road just off the interstate.

A frantic single mother whose six year old son is heartbroken.

That's it....Happy writing!!!!!!!!!

VERSE: Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Hebrews 13:8 NIV

Did you know the Bible isn't really a book?
It's actually a library...full of the most wonderful books known to man. A library of promise and of covenant, given to us by the kindest being in the universe...God Almighty, maker of heaven and earth.

I can't believe I'm admitting this to the world...but when one of my kids turned a year old, they got into my nightstand and sort of, kind of...opened a brand new bottle of KY jelly someone had given us as a wedding gift gag...and ate the whole entire thing. I had to call poison control and they told me to notify the child's doctor who was also one of the doctors I'd worked with for years. I was mortified and begged the poison control operator to call him for me but to no avail. Besides, why would my kid's pediatrician care if I own KY?

By the way: They said it wouldn't kill the kid...just make it have diahrrea for about three days.

Dear God, please continue to help the victims of the tsunami and especially be with the little children who watched their parents be washed out and swallowed by the sea. Please comfort them and let them know You, know that You love them and are close to them. You've promised not to leave us as orphans. Be a father to those children and make sure they're taken care of here on earth: spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally. Heal the devastation in their shattered land and hearts, Dear Lord.

( the way...I'm still a newbie myself. The more I learn, the more I learn there is to learn.)

Who's or whose?
Use who's anytime you actually mean "who is."

Whose means "of whom"

Whose blog is this?
Who's laughing at my blush and cringe?

Get it? Good. Because I STILL have to consult my grammar book everytime I revise. I'm not good at remembering all those rules, which brings me to my next point:

Spend the dough on a GOOD PUGS book. (Punctuation, Usage, Grammar, Spelling)
Kathy Ide's is excellent. Here's her website:
and her book is called, "Polishing the PUGS."

Later alligators,



Susan Davis said...

Hello. Do you do the contests ny yourself or are you part of a company or something? I love your verses of the day. I'm doing something similar on my blog... typing out verses of the Bible. Anyway, your blog is nice. Take care!

upwords said...


That KY thing is PRICELESS!!! Oh so funny. I love your format. It's so nice and structured. :::sigh::: LOL