Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mission: Military Prayers-for families of the fallen

I heard recently that October has been the deadliest month as far as current wartime casualties. I think about the servicemen and women in harms' way and I think about their families back home and remember that they both make sacrifices in order for their loved one to serve.

Some make the ultimate sacrifice and today my heart goes out to every family member who has lost a loved one to war.

Father, I lift them up and ask that you bring comfort and reconciliation. Help them run to You in their sadness and not away. Help them to know their loved one will never be forgotten nor will the sacrifice they made. If anyone knows what it's like to have a son sent to die, Father, it's You. You are the God of all hope and the God of provision and comfort. Give families of fallen servicemen and women a strong sense of your presence and surround them with peace. Ease them through the missing, through the intense sadness and through the pain. We remember Lord, and we lift them up to you today. In Jesus' name.

Feel free to "borrow" this prayer and say it, or your version of it for someone you know who has lost a loved one serving our country at the time of their death.

Blessings to those still serving. Father, keep them safe and help them know You so they'll be okay either way.


JeanKinsey said...

my prayers are with the service men/women and their families. May God bring them home safely

Cheryl Wyatt said...

Thanks, Jean. I know they appreciate the prayers.