Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Doin' a new thing: Mission: Military Prayers

Camy Tang gave me this brilliant idea. I love to pray and I have an enormous respect for those who serve in our military and their families. So much so that I write stories hoping to honor them and their service.

Since prayer and writing and love for those who serve in any rescuing or protecting capacity are three things that embody who I am, I'm starting a new thing here on my blog.

Prayers for the military.

I'll probably do this once a week. Feel free to borrow these prayers and say them for anyone you know who works in a public service capacity or military.

Pray for our troops!

Thanks all!

Prayer for our troops today:

Father, there have been reports of suicide among our troops. Bind up this spirit of suicide Lord and disable it. Impart hope to these men and women in uniform. Meet them in their place of need. Protect them Lord and spare their lives and help them know you. Be their hope and their refuge.

Help families who've lost loved ones to suicide to cope. Grant them comfort and peace.

In Jesus' name,


Cheryl Wyatt


Project Journal said...

Nice idea, Camy and Cheryl : )

I think I actually remember Camy doing this...I brought it into my Sunday School class to share with everyone there.

Susan said...

Thank you so much for doing this. My DS 1 is in the Nat'l Guard, but will be going "full army" after finishing college.