Thursday, October 08, 2009

Mission: Military Prayers-for children of deployed servicemen and women

I came across this article a couple of days ago. It reminded me to pray for the children of deployed servicemen and women.

A lot of people get irrationally outraged by the fact that our military men and women are deployed. That baffles me a little because we're not in a draft. They knew when the signed up that they might have to go...and they were willing to make that sacrifice to keep our country safe.

But that doesn't make it easy on them and especially on the children they have to leave behind for one or two (or more!) years. These children love their daddies and mommies and miss them very much. Please pray for their safe return.

Father, today I lift up these little ones to you. Lord, they are precious in your sight. It's hard to believe that anyone could love our children more than we do, but you do. Sometimes we forget that they're your children too. Please reach arms of love and comfort out to every single child who has a deployed parent or parents today and this day forward. Give them a strong sense of your presence in their lives and an overwhelming awareness of your great love for them and may your kindness toward them be tangible. Bless them Lord and comfort their missing. You will not leave them orphaned, you will come to them. Magnify yourself to them, Daddy God. Draw them in, pick them up and give them joy and comfort and peace and like nursing lambs, hold them close to your heart. Meet every need they have, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically, financially. Be their well-being, Strong Tower, and their Refuge in times of need. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Cheryl Wyatt


Edna said...

great prayer, good to always hear about children.


Project Journal said...

Great prayer again, Cheryl. I agree about how people who sign up know what they're getting themselves into. You know? I, personnally, know that I could not do that especially for the long amounts of time, even for my country. I feel that there are things that some people need to be doing outside the country to better this place and people who need to stay in the country to make it better. There are people who want to do both. I definitely am one who will help inside the country. I haven't done much of anything yet because I am only in high school still, but once I "grow up" I want to be a teacher. Teachers are the building blocks of everyone's futures. There can never be too many teachers in the country(or world).

Just a suggestion, maybe sometime(s), you could do a prayer for the "servicemen and women" of our country who stay in the country. I would say that there are many people fighting "wars" here too.

Just a suggestion : ) Maybe it's crazy too...I don't know!