Tuesday, October 07, 2008



I've been tagged TWICE this week by Debby Guisti and Robin Miller. Okay maybe three times because Camy Tang tagged me last week. And Margaret Daley tagged me before that.

I'm supposed to tell you five random and surprising things about myself so here goes:

1. I have a phobia of Popsicle Sticks. No, really. I do.

2. I LOVE NASCAR and dreamed of being both a race car driver and an author one day. At least one dream came true. LOL!

3. I am an organ donor recipient (bone).

4. I am nearly fluent in Spanish.

5. I am also nearly fluent in Spinach. Meaning I LOVE green veggies.

Okay...I'm tagging my critique group:

Danica Favorite McDonald
Pammer James
Michelle Rodgers
Cynthia Hawkins

Plus the two ladies I call The Shredder (whose editing services I use and love)

Camy Tang

Robin Miller writing as Robin Caroll (the great critiquer not the cook although her cooking's not too shabby either). Or...wait..we ate at McDonalds while I was there. Never mind. You'd have to ask Case about that one...her hubby who can never meet mine since their minds are too deviously alike for Robin and I's comfort.


Eileen Astels Watson said...

I think you cheated with #2. I'm sure you've told us about the NASCAR desire before, somewhere, and we all know you wanted to be an author. Good thing, because you're an awesome one!

Cheryl Wyatt said...


Shhh...don't tell!


Well...now my dream has been whittled down to hoping I can someday take a ride around one of those Superspeedways at 200MPH. LOL!


Anita Mae said...

Hey Cheryl - I was tagged as well and on my Oct 3rd blog post 'I've Been Tagged!' I called Debby on double tagging you.

Then in the comments, she fessed up that she didn't realize.

But it's okay - I just told her that's why you were 'losing your mind' LOL.

Pammer said...

Okay I can vouch for the popsicle stick thing. :) I had to remove her toothpick from her sandwich and put it on my plate during the conference. Good thing we sat together the day we had those sandwiches, huh?

Okay I better go think about this.