Friday, October 17, 2008

Marcher Lord Press Launches!

And so does Free Book Fridays here on my blog.

Did you know I have a secret love for speculative fiction? Okay well I guess it's not so secret anymore, is it? LOL!

I've often contemplated whether one could write a paranormal Inspirational. Hmmm....

Just kidding.

Anyway...I have been waiting for October to get here and am excited to announce the launch of something I've been looking forward to....Marcher Lord Press.

This is an online Christian speculative fiction house founded by editor Jeff Gerke. He also writes as Jefferson Scott whose books I have loved and read for years.

DO check out this site if you, or anyone you know, likes Christian speculative fiction which includes sci-fi, fantasy, time travel and other such genres.

Marcher Lord Press Official Web site

If you're an author--even an aspiring one, I HIGHLY recommend you sign up for the newsletter on Marcher Lord's sister site
Where the Map Ends.

And since I promised to launch Free Book Fridays on my blog in October, I'm GIVING AWAY one copy each of Marcher Lord's three fiction launch books. Free Book Fridays means that on one Friday of each month, I will give away at least one FREE BOOK. Since I am gone a lot, the Friday will vary. When I come out from under contract, I may be able to do more than one Free book Friday a month. My goal is to eventually give free books away EVERY Friday.

If you'd like a chance to win a free copy of:

Hero, Second Class by Mitchell Bonds

The Personifid Invasion by R.E. Bartlett

Summa Elvetica by Theodore Beale....

leave a comment in the comment section of this post by midnight next Thursday, October 23, letting me know WHICH BOOK you'd like a chance to win. Winners names will be drawn Friday morning (Oct 24) and mailed when I return from Sonoma.

Next month, on one random Friday, I will continue Free Book Fridays by giving away a free Steeple Hill book.


Cheryl Wyatt


Anonymous said...

HI! I've been watching Marcher Lord Press closely. I'm very excited about it.

I'd love to be entered in the drawing for "The Personifid Invasion" by R.E. Bartlett. sheriboeyink[at]cox[dot]net

Christian speculative fiction seems to be a tough sell, so I'm thankful for Jeff's ventures.

Janna said...

I have also been watching MLP closely - wow what a kick off day they had! I would love to be entered for any of them, but boy have I been wanting to get Hero Second Class! Thanks!

ryanx6 at msn dot com

lilac grandma said...

I love love love this. Thank you! Please enter me for "The Personifid Invasion" Melody

Doreen said...

Please count me in for the drawing of this book. Thanks! :)

cathikin said...

My love for speculative fiction hasn't ever been a secret, considering that most of my reviews are for books in that genre. And no doubt you could write a paranormal inspirational!

I'd love to have all three of the Marcher Lord Press books; in time, I hope to buy them. But if I pick just one, I'd like to have Summa Elvetica most of all. Thanks so much for your generosity!

Cathi H.
chassan2 at hotmail. com

Lia said...

Mitchell Bonds looks so funny! I'd LOVE to win "Hero, Second Class." I love to laugh more than... well, I don't know, but I love to laugh.

liatheddrfreak (at) gmail (dot) com

Lindsey said...

I would love to win The Personifid Invasion! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

ladyufshalott at

Anonymous said...

i'm hoping to one day take advantage of Marcher Lord Press (when my writing skills are more honed). i'm excited about seeing more speculative fiction pubbed.

Put me down for "Summa Elvetica" please.