Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Visit Debut Love Inspired Historical Author Janet Dean on Running with Quills

Hey all, my good friend and fellow Seeker Sister, Love Inspired author and all around great gal Janet Dean is blogging at Running with Quills today.

I have read Janet's work prepublished and she is an OUTSTANDING author. I can't wait for the rest of the world to know it too.

Her Love Inspired Historical release Courting Miss Adelaide releases SOON! You can preorder it now on any online bookseller.

In the meantime, please drop by the Running with Quills blog and leave a comment. She's talking about pursuing dreams and dreams coming true. You will enjoy her insightful, interactive post, and Running with Quills is a FABU blog that you won't want to miss.

Running with Quills

Hope to see you there!

Cheryl Wyatt

1 comment:

Janet Dean said...

Cheryl, thanks for your kind words! It's exciting to have my author copies. Not that long before Courting Miss Adelaide will hit the shelves!

Hugs, Janet