Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Okay, this can be placed in the Blush and Cringe section I suppose.

So, we've been thinking about a dog for a couple of years. Wanted a Yorkie and a family member of a family member needed to find one a home. Cricket aka Crickie was already potty trained, kennel trained, and obeys most commands. Very smart (and cute!) dog. Tiny thing.

But, he's got big-man syndrome. We brought him home and....he tried to go after the neighbor's huge lab-ish-Rottweiler looking dog. Hilarious since Cricket is like the size of that lab's nose!

So anyway, we have three guinea pigs. When the dog saw them, he jumped on top of the cage and tried to start opening it with his paws. He was very aggressive about it. I told my husband, "Ah, look sweetie! Cricket wants to play with the guineas."

My husband gave me a "you ARE one of those ditsy kind of blondes after all, aren't you?" and proceeds to lock the guinea cage and say, "You know what terriers were trained to do, right?"

Eyes wide, I say, "Uh.....noo-oo."

"Eat rodents."

Oh, crud. So our guineas were terrorized for a couple days by an itty dog who thinks he's big. But the pigs no longer flinch or run in their house for asylum. In fact, they squeak at him like, "Pssst! Hey....go sneak in the fridge and get us some carrots, would ya?"

The dog on the other hand probably sees them not as pets but as a very well-balanced meal. After all, we named the guineas after various food. In fact, when the dog walked in and saw a cage full of over sized rats....he probably thought, "Yeah bay-be! The mother load!"

I'll let you know how this pans out in the coming months....

Okay....where'd everybody go? No one's commenting this week...tell me what your favorite pet is, or has been, or one you'd love to have in why. Come on y'all....humor me. LOL!

Cheryl aka Squirrel


Ausjenny said...

Hey at least your new dog has a cool name!
its interesting how little dogs try to be bigger Wonder what Psych would think!
I loved my cat meggs (short for Ginger Meggs) who was fun. he was not to be trusted if food was around. one time mum had a meeting and some people came for lunch for the meeting later well Meggs got in and mum had a sponge with cream on the table well Meggs helped himself to some of the cream!
not to waist the cake mum took of the cream and the very top part and put new cream and I took it to bible study for super. No one minded. (not that many knew)
any crumbs on the floor he ate. he didn't like ham or turkey much just like his owner.
I really want another cat but alas I have to wait for a bit.

Susan Stitch said...

What a great story! We have two dogs, a 14 year old shepherd mix (Sam)and a 4 year old lab mix (Scamper) who is much smaller. Scamper has decided that she is Sam's personal trainer and annoying little sister. She will pester him until he finally gets up and asks to go outside, and she'll come 'tattle' on him if he gets into the dog treats!

Thanks for sharing the smile this morning!

Danica/Dream said...


You realize that Crickie sounds an awful lot like our dog, right?

Now we have to have doggie play dates, too!

Hope Chastain said...

My favorite ever was my grandparents' dog, Mary, a Rough Collie. She was special, and not just because she looked like Lassie (only better).

Sounds like Crickies is an alpha male, all right. I've seen Miniature Schnauzers do the same thing with larger dogs. Reminds me of the way our terrier used to go after mice. (Only good part was, the mice were NOT pets!) (He didn't actually consume them, but he was a killing machine. And he was only PART terrier! I'd hate to see what he'd have been like if he were a purebred.)


Eileen Astels Watson said...

Congratulations, Cheryl, and family! Being a canines adoptive family is the greatest!!

Can you guess my most favorite type of pet? Ah, yes, dogs, of course, then would come cats very close behind. We have hampsters and now just one guinea pig, and many fish, too, but they aren't near as dear to me as the canine and feline adoptees.

Our little Tucker, all of 6 1/2 lbs, is a Yorkie Poodle cross. He's got such an awesome, cuddly personality, and he actually terrorises our guinea pig, too, but when they are out together he's as gentle with Smudge as ever--even kisses him.

We also have, Tippy, a 90 lb black lab who has no idea how strong she is and that she's not really meant to be a lap dog.

Have fun with the new addition to your family. They are the bestest friends for life, if you let them be!!