Saturday, July 12, 2008


Welcome to our weekly reporting of the goings-on in Refuge...the town that claims to live up to its name. And being one of Refuge's residents (albeit a furry one) I can vouch for that being true.

This week's updates:

Manny took Javier to visit an Air Force recruiter. He came home with enlistment papers. Amber took Celia to visit a doctor. She came home with Valium.

Yawn. Nothing to report here. Except I think maybe Enrique is thinking about joining the Refuge Community Church's softball team. Hey, whatever keeps the kid comin' to church, right?

Manny is back in action! He has gone on two missions and performed six training exercises since his hip surgery following a crash. Word has it he never jumps without a hook knife and a double reserve chute. I didn't even know they made those. He must have had it special made.

Manny and Joel and the rest of the PJ team (Chance Garrison, Vince Reardon, Brockton Drake, Ben Dillinger and Nolan Briggs) took Javier and his new best friend Enrique tandem jumping!

Refuge Firefighters had to get a cat out of a tree...not that big a deal except that it was a BOBCAT.

Also on Haven Street, Refuge city workers cut down a 200 year old tree that was as big around as Amber's Yellow Mustang...yes, the one she drove into the local Bed and Breakfast last year. The B and B owner reportedly named a street after Amber and her mishap. Mustang Lane. Half the town showed up to watch the tree come down. How's that fur small town excitement?

Oh, one more thing...d'ju know cats are better gamers than dogs? Seriously, put a cat and a dog together side by side. Scratch your fingers back and forth on the carpet in front of both of them...and see which one has the better eye-paw coordination. Cat'll get-cher fingers every time.

So, uh, yeah, Javier, Bradley and Enrique have been teaching me how to use the controllers and stuff... Vid games are da bomb dudes....and dudettes.

Smirks and slinks off to nibble on some svelte tuna...

That's all this week from the CAT CHRONICLES. Tune in next week for the latest Refuge News from your fuzzy neighborhood reporter aka Psychoticat.

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Ausjenny said...

Thanks Psych I always knew cats were much smarter than dogs.
have fun on the games.