Thursday, July 17, 2008

Amber Miller's PROMISES, PROMISES Blog Tour-Interview!

Today we welcome Amber Miller with her debut novel, Promises, Promises! I am excited for Amber to be here as she is also my Web maintenance guru for and we also shared the May ACFW BookClub spotlight together. We had a blast discussing our books.

So....without further ado, here's an exclusive interview with Amber:

1. If your heroine from Promises, Promises were to write a blurb about you, the author of her story, what would she say?

Wow, what a great question! My first inclination is something like this: "Get me away from this mad woman. I was forced to endure a great deal of pain and agony, and there were times when I feared I might not survive the trials. At the very moment when I believed things were improving....she would bring another calamity into my life. However, I must admit that through it all, I learned some very valuable lessons that helped me deal with my pain. She seemed to know me and understand my hurts. And who could find any reason to protest the ultimate conclusion where I found love and happiness and yes, even forgiveness? Very well. I suppose I shall confess. This woman is not the evil persona I at first believed her to be."

Another thought would be: "Amber Miller is a true lady who knows the meaning of the word friendship and devotion. When we first became acquainted, I found myself at a rather lonely place, believing I had nothing left in the world and no one who cared. I even thought my God had forsaken me, leaving me to wallow in my misery and grief. But Amber brought a saving grace to my life. She helped me see that God was right by my side the entire time, and she remained with me as well, despite my rather ostentatious behavior and acrimonious treatment of others. In addition, she introduced me to Gustaf, the man whose faith I witnessed every day, and the one who showed me the love of our Heavenly Father in a way that no one else could. Yes, I certainly owe my life to Amber. I am indeed fortunate that she remained with me for that time when I needed her most."

2. Do you come up with your characters or your plot first and why?

I meet my characters first, then I throw them into a plot situation and see how they handle it. For me and my writing, it's all about relating to the characters. The plot is merely what progresses the story. It's the characters who breathe life into the story and help you love it or hate it. I love to read books where I can relate to the characters' dilemmas and reactions and experiences. When I can't, the book doesn't strike a chord and it usually ends up getting given to someone else.

3. What online resources (Web sites, etc) do you most often use for your historicals?

Some of my favorites are to give me the original use of a word in popular speech; to give me origins of phrases; to give me resources on period costume descriptions; and to provide me with the resources to check accurate speech patterns and styles. There are many others I might use for any given book, but those are the top ones I generally open quite often.

4. What other historical resources do you use to authenticate your research?

I usually contact the historical society in the city or state where my book(s) is set. They provide a wealth of material that is amazing, and if you tell them you're an author writing about the history of that area, they have always been eager and willing to get me anything I need and answer any questions I have. I love historical societies and those who work in them. If I'm able, I also visit the setting in person and draw sketches of the place or pick up a map for street references. If I can't do that, I try to find someone who does live there and send my parts to them where I reference the town or place, so they can critique and send back any necessary corrections.

5. If you could travel back in time to any historical period, what would that be and why?

I'd love to live in the Old West, where men were men and a man's word was his bond, and those who attempted to undermine authority were shot or hung or put in their place. Folks had to EARN what they got and didn't expect it to be given to them or to be given special treatment. Women were strong too, but they loved a man who respected them and treated them like ladies. Throw out the women's lib, measly-men attacks and the socialists form of living. Get back to working for a living and providing for yourself, not expecting someone else to do it for you.

*blushes* Can you see this is a 'hot' topic for me? :)

6. How can readers keep up with you and your releases? Do you have a newsletter they can join? How would they go about doing that?

You can come visit my web site to learn the latest. I have a blog posted on the main page that is kept up to date several times a week, and you can subscribe to it receive email alerts when I make a post. That’s the best way to keep up with me and everything I’m doing or where I’m headed next. I don't have a newsletter yet, but I'm working on it for 2009. We'll see where it goes. For now, subscribe to my blog to know when I put up a new post.

I always love to hear from visitors to my site and especially readers of my books or my writing in any form. Feel free to drop me a line through the contact form on my site. I respond within 48 hours unless I’m out of town and without an internet connection.

7. What are you working on now, and when is your next book out?

I just submitted my 4th book to my editor on July 15th, so I’m feeling pretty good about now. Next, I’ll be polishing my 2 full-length historical novels to be submitted to 2 editors and 2 agents. I also have a contemporary full-length out with an editor under consideration. Then, in late August, I’ll start on my 5th contracted book, which is the 2nd in the current series of Michigan Brides. The 1st is the one I just submitted.

Are you confused yet? :)

**Thank you, Cheryl, my fellow debut-tante, for hosting me and my books on your blog. It's been so much fun riding this new author wave with you and swapping out spotlights and features. And of course, I love having you for a web site client. Readers, make sure you check out her site. I didn't do the design, but I've done some design work on it and it's such a peaceful and refreshing site.

You're welcome! I enjoyed sharing the ACFW Bookclub slot with you, my friend!


Tour Book title: Promises, Promises
Publisher: Barbour/Heartsong Presents
Release date: February 2008 through Heartsong Presents; July 2008 to bookstores and online retailers
Genre: Historical Romance
Series: Delaware Brides, book 1
ISBN: 9781597899390
Ordering link:

Second Title: Quills & Promises
Publisher: Barbour/Heartsong Presents
Release date: July 2008
Genre: Historical Romance
Series: Delaware Brides, book 2
ISBN: 9781602600492
Ordering link:

NOTE: Quills & Promises is book two and released this month.

Read more about her at her web site:

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Ausjenny said...

enjoyed the interview and some cool questions. Its nice learning more about authours.

Anita Mae said...

Cheryl, thanks for bringing Amber's interview to us. I appreciate the info on her historical resources. I've already checked them out and they're fab.

Have a God day!

Cherie J said...

Enjoyed the interview! This blog tour is so much fun to follow.

Tiff (Amber Miller) Stockton said...

Glad to see you here, Jenny and Cherie. I'm having fun answering all the questions and visiting all the blogs.

And Anita, I hope you find some fantastic information from those sites. They're top-notch!

Thanks again, Cheryl.