Saturday, May 24, 2008

Welcome to Psych Saturday!

Meaw-lo! (That's "hello" in domestic cat language)

My name is Psychoticat. I know-but, hey, (presses paws to indignant chest) I am not the despicable human who came up with it, a'right? Gimme a break...though not in the tail. That hurts. I know by experience since Bradley closed my tail in the refrigerator crisper once.

Talk about MEOwUCH!

Wonder who Bradley is? If you've read the first two books of debut novelist Cheryl Wyatt's (this very peculiar blog owner) Wings of Refuge Series from Steeple Hill Love Inspired, you know just who I'm talking about.

In case you haven't read them (Just why not? Hmmm? After all, the books feature ME!) let me tell you about Bradley...

He was one sick puppy...errrr---scratch that. I don't much care for puppies, or floppy eared creatures of any sort for that matter. (Flicks tail) Only stiff and stately-eared pets such as cats have the dignity required to keep their ears poised at all times.

But I digress...Bradley is a charming little boy who wrote to a fictional "sick kids' wish foundation" called Dream Corps. He wanted to meet a real special ops soldier before he kicked off in book one (A Soldier's Promise). The soldier comes to the town of his most painful childhood memories to pledge allegiance to a promise he made to the little boy.

SPOILER: If you haven't read the first book and plan to...SKIP THE ITALICIZED PORTION or the story will be ruined.

Well, in book 2...Bradley is still alive and kickin' and though I felt kinda miffed that the kid was adopted by Amber and she moved me out because of the little guy's allergies, it's not so bad living with Celia. She doesn't forget my tuna as much as Amber did.

Here's the latest news this week from Refuge:
*I hear wedding bells are on the horizon for Millie and Dean!
**I also hear Trina Pallazio has ventured back to Refuge Community Church. I've also heard most of Refuge police force attends there....all four of them. Being a divorcee after her incarcerated and abusive husband murdered a town cop, that's saying somethin about this gutsy woman's courage.

More Refuge Happenings next week....every Saturday, here at Squirrel's Treehouse. I'll be reporting live, so tune in each week.



Ausjenny said...

Oh Psych i love you!!!!!!!!!!!
I was wondering if you would be moving homes to a third family in 2009.
I agree about you ideas about other creatures not being up to the standards of your species.
Thanks for the update.
If you ever need a new home I am looking a special cat to share our home and you will be feed well.

Nike Chillemi said...

Cheryl, are you sure you injured your foot and not your head???

Actually, we have someone who talks like that in our house and it's not one of our ten cats. That's right ten.

It's our ten year old Delayne who can talk in cat. She also talks in English, but often prefers to talk in cat. So, our house is pretty looney tunes too. LOL

Nike Chillemi said...

Update. Delayne has just informed me that she also speaks a secret language called the "Delayne and Daddy Language." Only she and daddy can understand it.

So, I said, "That means you're trilingual."

After explaining what trilingual meant, she said, "Yeah."

We have no mental health issue in our house. ROTFLOL

Eileen Astels Watson said...

This will be a great Saturday visit. I wonder if my Columbo can translate some of Psych's lingo?