Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Critique Auction! Help Fellow Author

Would you like to participate in an auction to help a fellow writer?

Literary agent Kelly Mortimer is coordinating ebay auctions to help fellow author Robin Miller with desperately needed finances while her husband is unable to work.

I have donated a 1 chapter critique, up for bid THIS WEEK. Right now in fact. I am very thorough and very honest but gentle. The bid for my critique is here.

In addition, Tracy Ruckman, editor of Pixs-N-Pens has up for (bidding or buy now) grabs a 3-chapter-critique.

You can also bid on a professional one-sheet/bookmark design by Dineen Miller. I use her for my design services and she is OUTSTANDING. She's a top notch designer whose portfolios include such clients as Time Magazine, etc.

Please feel free to steal this post (LOL!) via cut and paste and spread the word to help my friend and fellow author. Robin is an amazing Godly woman who would do the same for you were you in her shoes and she able to help.


Cheryl Wyatt


Ausjenny said...

i am going to copy and paste onto my blog. (you write so elegantly!)
will change I to Cheryl!

Eileen Astels Watson said...

LOL, I was thinking "I'd love to just cut and paste this post" and then you go and give the permission. Thank You!

I had already altered your interview to include this info about your auction with a link, but having its own post would be great.

Cheryl Wyatt said...

THANK YOU LADIES!!! Especially on behalf of Robin and those of us who love her and her family.

Elegant? I've never heard my writing described quite that way. Must have been the God's hand and the journalism section of the Christian Writers Guild course I took is all I can say. LOL!

Elegant! You've made my day!!!