Saturday, May 17, 2008

Need Title Help---Prizes Involved! LOL!

Okay Bloggers, I'm writing a story with no working title and that bugs me.

Here are the hooks:

Inspirational Romance
Nanny heroine
Airman hero (US Air Force Pararescue Jumper)
Single dad
Nanny with a secret past (recovered alcoholic with history of DUI)
Age gap between hero and heroine (he's ten years her senior)
Widower hero
Twin sons--Two rambunctious two-year-olds
Hero is a commander of two special ops PJ teams
subthread of PJ teams in danger of being disbanded
Nanny wants a family...THIS family
Hero also wants another family but his duty is divided between his sons and his PJ teams due to pressure to disband=difficulty pursuing romance
Second marriage for hero. First wife killed by drunk driver when babies two months old.

This book will be part of the Wings of Refuge series from Steeple Hill Love Inspired. What links each standalone book together is 1. The setting (small fictional town of Refuge, Illinois) and 2. The PJ (Pararescue Jumper) team. Each guy has his own story. All Inspirational Romance.

Other titles in Wings of Refuge:
A Soldier's Promise-Book 1
A Soldier's Family-Book 2
Ready-Made-Family- Book 3
A Soldier's Reunion-Book 4
Not Yet Named-:-(-Book 5

I need a working title for Book 5. As you can see, "Soldier" doesn't need to be in the title and in fact I'd prefer if it weren't so Ready-Made-Family won't feel so lonely. LOL! Plus these guys are more airmen that soldiers anyway, not that it matters to anyone outside the Air Force. LOL!

If I pick your title to turn in to my editor (the first ten or so people whose ideas I use), you'll each receive one signed copy of all five books when the rest release in 2009. If your title idea gets picked as the print title, you'll receive a mystery thank you gift from me as well as the five books AND your name in the acknowledgements if you wish.

Ready? Set? Send me those titles! (In the comment section of this post, along with your e-mail address so I can contact you if I use your idea/s. Be sure to put a space somewhere in your e-mail address so internet spiders don't getcha.)

Cheryl Wyatt


Ausjenny said...

ok im thinking.

second chance family
second chance on Love
second chance love
Loves second chance.

i know youdont want soldier but

a Soldiers second chance.

ausjenny (at) gmail (dot) com

Malvina said...


The Soldier and the Nanny
The Nanny and the Hero
Love Can Redeem
Grace at Last

malvina (at) iinet (dot) net (dot)com

Anita Mae said...

Hey Cheryl - Woke up with you and these on my mind:

Jumping for You
Jump into my Arms
Jump into my Heart
Good enough for daddy
Rescue My Heart
As if they were my Own

the dot way @ sasktel dot com

WK said...

Love's Redeeming Power
To Love Again
Love's Past

I'll try to think of more. I'm at the beach getting ready to head home.
highlandlovesong at yahoo dot com

Doreen said...

Thinking a lil bit here...

Love's Containing Power
In the Arms of Love
Rescued in Your Love


Cheryl Wyatt said...

Thank you all for these great ideas! I also e-mailed each of you personally to tell you I received your ideas.

Anita and Malvina, your e-mails returned as undeliverable.

Could you e-mail me at Cheryl @ (omit spaces before and after "@") Thanks!


luv2read said...

Hey Cheryl,
I hope you are still taking names. This was a fun activity.
Here are my titles

Nanny to the Rescue
When Past and Present Meet
A Family Restored
A Family Rescued
The Rescue of a Heroes Family
A Heroes Refuge
A Nanny's Refuge
A Family Refuged
A Family Redeemed

Ausjenny said...

I thought of another

Love forgives all

Love finds away

A Nanny forgiven

WendyK said...

How about
The Power of God's Love
The strength of forgiveness(I think that's spelled wrong or something it looks wrong, but it's been a long day)

The Long Road To Love
The Power of Faith
The strength of a family (this one seems wrong somehow)
Thicker than Drink or Thicker than Blood (you know how a family tie can be stronger than the blood that binds you)

Tomorrow's Yesterday
Yesterday's Tomorrow
Don't ask, it's a song I heard years ago about the strength of our yesterdays and tomorrows and it popped in my head when I reread Cheryl's story hooks.

Love's Lessons
Lessons in Forgiveness

dang I had one with Heaven in it and it slipped my mind. Is that a sign of old age?

Anyway just dropping ideas here.
Hope some of these work for the story.

and I can't wait to read them! You know I adored the first ones.


becca dowling said...

Nanny-Made-Family (too hokey?)
Airman's Refuge
Nanny Jumps In
The Nanny's Hero


Eileen Astels Watson said...

I've been thinking of this, but got caught up with my poor puppy's injuries.

There are some great suggestions all ready, I see.

But, I'll play with my thoughts, anyway, just in case you've not got enough to decide from yet, Cheryl.

A Nanny's Love

Stars, Stripes, and Nanny to the Rescue

A Nanny Made Family

Recovering Family (With the nanny being a recovering alcoholic and his wife being killed by an alcoholic, I thought this might be fitting- kind of a play on words.)

eileenastels [at] rogers [dot] com

Cheryl Wyatt said...

Okay were the final ten titles chosen. I will send these to my editor when they ask for titles for book five...which is almost complete by the way!

If your title wasn't chosen, know that it was a hard choice. I chose titles that were similar to Ready-Made-Family and also titles that weren't already Steeple Hill titles in the past. And titles that denoted the hooks of the book and still sounded like Steeple Hill Titles. I appreciate all who sent ideas! It was SO hard to narrow it down to ten because ALL of your ideas were GREAT.

Without further are the final ten:

1. Nanny-Made-Family
2. Nanny to the Rescue
3. More than Duty
4. Nanny No More
5. More than a Nanny
6. Au Pair for a Pair
7. As if they were my Own
8. As Though They Were Mine
9. Double Devotion
10. Double Duty

I also have an alternate list of about ten, in case none of the above work. If, after I turn in the first ten to my editors, they ask for another 10-15 titles, I will turn in these: (and at that time contact those of you who offered up the ideas):

11. Double Duty Dad
12. Twin Duty
13. Twin Tasks
14. Twice Upon a Prayer
15. Duty of Love
16. Freefall into Family
17. Pair o' Chutes
18. Falling for the Nanny
19. A Time of Their Own
20. Family for Hire
21. Duty Divided
22. Recovering Hearts
23. Recovered Family