Monday, May 19, 2008

Cease (title idea) Fire!

WOW! You guys are AMAZING in your title creativity. I now have sufficient ammo to choose from for my book title arsenal. You may now stop the book title barrage. :-)

Thanks everyone!

If I choose your idea, you will hear from me by this time next week.

Cheryl Wyatt


Ausjenny said...

Oh But Cheryl how do we turn the creative side of our brain off!
besides it gave me something to do between my dig toss routine to plant the remaining bulbs yesterday

WK said...

LOL that's what I was thinking/wondering as well.
Oh well I'll have to use them for my own writing.


Ausjenny said...

See Cheryl you have created thinking machines! sure we cant just keep brainstorming (ok on second thoughts that may not be a good idea!)

Cheryl Wyatt said...

Ha ha ha! You guys love to torture me. I have enough trouble shutting my own ideas down. LOLOL! They chase me wherever I go.

What would I do without you all?

Have BORING titles. That's what. :-)



Cheryl Wyatt said...

Okay were the final ten titles chosen. I will send these to my editor when they ask for titles for book five...which is almost complete by the way!

If your title wasn't chosen, know that it was a hard choice. I chose titles that were similar to Ready-Made-Family and also titles that weren't already Steeple Hill titles in the past. And titles that denoted the hooks of the book and still sounded like Steeple Hill Titles. I appreciate all who sent ideas! It was SO hard to narrow it down to ten because ALL of your ideas were GREAT.

Without further are the final ten:

1. Nanny-Made-Family
2. Nanny to the Rescue
3. More than Duty
4. Nanny No More
5. More than a Nanny
6. Au Pair for a Pair
7. As if they were my Own
8. As Though They Were Mine
9. Double Devotion
10. Double Duty

I also have an alternate list of about ten, in case none of the above work. If, after I turn in the first ten to my editors, they ask for another 10-15 titles, I will turn in these: (and at that time contact those of you who offered up the ideas):

11. Double Duty Dad
12. Twin Duty
13. Twin Tasks
14. Twice Upon a Prayer
15. Duty of Love
16. Freefall into Family
17. Pair o' Chutes
18. Falling for the Nanny
19. A Time of Their Own
20. Family for Hire
21. Duty Divided
22. Recovering Hearts
23. Recovered Family