Thursday, March 27, 2008


Oh man. I've chewed my nails to nubs.

You know how I have this problem with NOT being able to see errors on a computer screen?

Well, that's why I always print out my submissions on hard copy. I can usually always catch errors on paper that I can't catch by proofreading by computer monitor.

Well, I have something I just submitted to my editor and to a prospective agent.

Only, because I was on jury duty for a criminal case, I wasn't allowed online. They wouldn't let me have my computer so I couldn't print out the mss to proofread it. My husband printed it and took it to the mail box for me.

Of friend Camy, who checks all my stuff to be sure it's structurally sound, asks..."why do you have the guy geared up in scuba gear and carrying two roaring twenties dancers during a water rescue?"



"Huh? Roaring twenties...what?"

So, on pins and needles, I yanked the laptop out and pulled open the file...

And the needles turned to knives!

I DID do a spellcheck! I really, really did.

Oh man...I used the word "flappers" when I MEANT "flippers".

Ugh. And I didn't catch it before I mailed it out!

So unfortunately, the text, which could at any moment be gracing the eyes of my editor and a prospective agent...will read:

Snaps sounded as Vince adjusted his facemask. “I’ll meet up with you guys later. Beep if you need me before then.” Scuba gear donned, and sleek black flappers carried under each armpit, Vince tanked toward the water.


Lord, I pray they know what I meant to mean. EEEK. Maybe if that's the only mistake, mercy will triumph over judgement. LOL!

At least I fixed the memories. Remember that blog post? Where the stupid Spell Check changed the text TO "Mammories assaulted Nolan as he strode across the bridge toward her." When it was SUPPOSED to say, "Memories assaulted Nolan as he strode across the bridge toward her." Only I guess I stuck an "a" in memories by mistake.

That's THIS SAME STORY! Which I see is trying to be a royal thorn in my side...

Anyway..speaking of stories....

The moral of this blog story is....NEVER totally rely on your SpellChecker. ALWAYS go over it with human eyes...and a couple fresh sets of human eyes. Eyes that will pick out wrong word usage. Not misspellings.


Too embarrassed to sign my name here.


Susan Stitch said...

I agree -- I trust spell check WAY too much. At least those mistakes will make readers smile! I can't wait to read the book.

~Ley said...

Flappers! LOL. *imagines quirked eyebrows from Cheryl'l editor*
You should check out Katrina just posted some odd spelling habits of her own.

Giggling, Ley

Cheryl Wyatt said...

He he Susan! Thanks.

Ley...I will definitely check out that blog. :-)

Thanks, ladies for dropping by!



Nike.Chillemi said...

Are you sure you're not writing historicals? LOL

squiresj said...

Spell check only checks the spelling - they don't understand what you mean. I know as I've written stuff and it has not found it or it wants to put something in I do not mean.
I think it's interesting if it makes it into book. I was reading a book the other day and the g was left of beginning - at least I knew what it was suppose to be.
God Bless.

Jessica said...

Okay, I just laughed out loud! Too hilarious, especially the mammaries thingy!