Saturday, March 22, 2008

About that Jupiter thang...

This story is so cute I had to share. My middle child (Codename "Eno") snuggled in beside me today. Tears filled Eno's eyes and she said, "Mom, I love Jesus with all my heart. I love Jesus SO much that I would love Him even if I was poor and didn't have a thang. In fact, I love Jesus more than anythang in the entire world. I even love Him more than all the world. And even if there was no world to love and I was floating around in space even as far as by Jupiter...I'd still love Him more than anythang."

Thank you, Jesus, for wooing this child's heart to yourself. I know You love the songs she makes up for You every single day. I know You hear. And You've answered prayers I prayed over her when she was growing in my womb. That she would know you and love You more than anything.

Thank you. And about that Jupiter "thang"....I love you more than anything too.

Eno's very proud mommy.


kystorywriter said...

This shows you are a good mother, because it takes a special mother to instill feelings of Godly love in a child's heart.

Cheryl Wyatt said...

Awww! Thank you!